Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Team Colors & Clip-Ons

Good morning !!!!

Are you familiar with Touchstone Crystal's Birthstone Bracelets?  If not, they are stretchy with no clasp. Easy peasy to put on. They are smooth all the way around, so no snagging clothes or sweaters. 

I tend to wear them to support school or team colors and to match my outfit. I have yet to wear them for the actual birthstone colors of my family. They are 2.25" inside diameter, crystals are set in Rhodium plating. I am wearing January and April. 

So versatile. You can do school colors, team colors, holiday colors and your actual birthstones. The red, white and blue even worked great for Captain America colors for a recent fundraiser I did.  So many options. 


Today I paired the bracelets with the Classic Clip-ons. I think clip-ons get forgotten about. I have mine pierced but still love these!  Just too pretty to forget about, so thought I'd bring them back today. They are Crystal set in Rhodium plating.

School Colors (Blog) 2

You can see these pieces as well as all the rest on my Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski website. Feel feel to browse and make a wish list !!

I hope you all have a sparkly day.

Tell me, are you a clip-on fan or not?

Chanelle Necklace & Tri-Wrap Bracelet (video)

SO excited !!!  Got my new Tri-Wrap Bracelet today ! It's wonderful. It's beautiful. It's fabulous.  I'll keep my babbling to a minimum since there's a video today.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (16) copy

Easily going to be one of my favorite bracelets. Going to go with so many different outfits. So comfortable to wear.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (14) copy

In the video, I am talking about the many different ways you can wear our Chanelle Necklaces. One of our best sellers and you'll see why.

These can be worn as 3 separate bracelets or link them together and wrap it around 3 times as I have done here.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (3) copy

Coming in 4 fabulous colors !!!!  I definitely need them all.


If you would like to browse further, you may do so at my Touchstone Site.
Any questions, as always, I'd be happy to answer. 
Want some of this beautiful jewelry free or deeply discounted, As Me How. 

Have you heard of Touchstone Crystal before?

Have you heard of Swarovski before?

Do you have any Touchstone jewelry?

If so, what is your favorite piece?


Tuesday, February 13, 2018


One message, short and sweet.

"Hey winter, you can kiss our a@@".  

Other than 1 day of sledding, we are NOT enjoying all the snow we got this past week. 

Winter Kiss Ass

Looking forward to a little warm up with no snow this week. 

Going to close my eyes and click my heels 3 times and maybe I'll end up down south, on a beach, with my toes in the sand, or walking along the ocean, enjoying a beachy drink with an umbrella in it. 

Otherwise, I'll see ya tomorrow......

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dawn & Tide Slime Videos

More slime today. Ashlyn made a couple more videos. She was so nervous on the first one and talked very little and very quietly. She let me help with these two and it got her talking a little more. She'll be a pro before we know it.

Dawn Clear Glue Slime (6) copy

These two are very easy ones. Great for beginners. Great for making big batches to make those large bubbles like in the Slime Bubble post.

Tide Glitter Glue Slime (17) copy

You can view all of our videos as well as these two on our youtube channel.
Everyday Snapshot YouTube

I know sometimes our audio sucks. I'm supposed to be getting a small mic to help that out soon. Her and I both have quiet voices, so if we talk loud enough for the mic to hear us, we feel like we're shouting. In these 2 slime videos it's not bad since the camcorder was pretty close to us. But rest assured, our low volume videos should be rectified soon. I hope. 

Are your kids loving anything slime right now?

Do they have any great recipes to share with us?

Friday, February 9, 2018

Slime Bubbles !!!

We are sort of into slime around here. Big time. She started out flipping it around making little tiny bubbles. Now...they are taking over our kitchen !!

World's largest Slime Bubbles !

Slime Bubble 1

We weren't sure which bubble was bigger, so felt the need to post both.

Slime Bubble 2

She's got a couple more you tube videos about ready. We'll share soon.

How many slime makers we got out there?

Do you make bubbles with it?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Where's Spencer & Toby?

So we went into Ashlyn's room to get something and I said "I'm surprised Spencer isn't in here" ?   Ashlyn says, "I know he usually is at bedtime".  

We leave the room, she backs up and turns the light back on and says, "Wait a minute, he IS in here". Reminds us of the Where's Waldo picture's.

Where's Spencer

He blended right in. He sure found a snuggly spot though. 

This is an older but similar one with Toby and her dolls. 
Toby with Dolls

Got any silly picture's with your dogs and kids toys?

Friday, January 26, 2018

Dixie Cup Flower Bouquet

I'm always amazed at what that kid of mine can just whip up. She decided to make 2 of her teachers something.

Dixie Cup Flower Bouquet 1

She gathers up Dixie cups and scissors and asks for the hot glue gun.

Dixie Cup Flower Bouquet 2

This is what she has in about 10 minutes. No youtube or pinterest. Geez. She's good !

Dixie Cup Flower Bouquet 3

The teachers loved them by the way. 
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