Thursday, September 22, 2016

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Camping with James

This year was very light on the camping, due to our move and an extremely busy schedule. But we did manage to steal my nephew for a couple days and had a great time. Despite the heat. And mosquito's.

camp (1)camp (2)

We did lot's and lot's of fishing.

camp (3)camp (4)

Ashlyn catching all of them is the norm.

camp (5)camp (6)

Proof to show you what happens when her bait hits the water. We attempted to walk the trails.

camp (7)camp (8)

The dogs were super excited for a trail walk. But it went extremely quick and we went on the shortest one. The mosquito's were intolerable. I'm surprised they didn't carry any of us away after they ate us alive.

camp (9)camp (10)

The fire didn't dull the skeeters at all, but we all love over the campfire food. Oh there she is again with yet another fish.

camp (11)camp (12)

Another one. She's not gloating to the others at all while she danced around with her fish shouting "Got another one, got another one!"

camp (13)camp (14)

Spencer and Toby love to 'people watch' while there.  Oh yes, she got another one.

camp (15)camp (16)

The rest of us tried until the sun went down. We got a couple. Probably because someone else already caught all the rest.

camp (17)camp (18)

James decided to try another spot, away from Ashlyn and her good luck.

camp (19)camp (20)

Spencer and Jamie thought a little nap time was needed.

camp (21)camp (22)

Toby loved having a bunk mate. Apparently James didn't mind either.

camp (23)camp (24)

camp (25)camp (26)

Another one.

camp (27)camp (28)

Tried a little night time fishing. Didn't really pan out for anyone except Ashlyn.

camp (29)camp (31)

camp (30)camp (32)

No camping is complete without a popcorn and movie night.

camp (33)camp (34)

Do you enjoy camping?

Do your kids kick your butt in catching fish too?

River Rat

After eating at one of our favorite restaurants, Sneaky Pete's in LaCalire, IA, we always end up down by the water. She'd rather play by and in the water than eat at the really good restaurant.

Sneaky Pete's 001

Every time we go, we have to make sure we have time to go explore.

Sneaky Pete's 003

Although it may appear I'm contemplating pushing her in, I don't believe that was the case.

Sneaky Pete's 006

She finds so much junk, I mean treasures, that we bring home smelling like dead fish.

Sneaky Pete's 012

But she has fun, so that's all that matters, right?

Sneaky Pete's 014

I do try to put her in the nicest cleanest shirt.

Sneaky Pete's 015

Sneaky Pete's 016

Sneaky Pete's 018

Sneaky Pete's 019

It is pretty if you wanted a few nice photo's in this general area.

Sneaky Pete's 020

This must be the favorite spot. There's always kids waiting to take their turn.

Sneaky Pete's 025

Same place, same spot, 6 years ago when she was 2.


Sneaky Pete's 026

Do you or your kids have a love of the water?

Do you allow your kid to wear a dirty shit even if it's their favorite? Or is that just me?
In my defense...some of that dirt was new, and some is stained permanently. 

Pretty Sunset

About a month or two ago we watched the coolest sunset ever. Love how prompt I am at posting about it.

sunset (1)

It had the neatest shades of pinks and blues.

sunset (2)

I mean, really neat shades. And it stretched so far.

sunset (3)

Just when we thought it was going down and we were losing it, because they go so quickly.

sunset (4)

It changed to and ended with a very bright orange.

sunset (5)

sunset (6)

So we sat in the street and watched it all. Only thing better would have been to be watching it on a beach somewhere. But we'll take the street when it's that pretty.

sunset (7)

Where is your favorite spot to watch a sunset or sunrise?

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