Saturday, March 10, 2018

Changing Blogging Platforms

Good morning everyone !!  I hope you are having a lovely day. 

Just an announcement that over the next week, things may be a touch screwed up here on the blog. 

I'm changing the platform that I run this blog on, and I'm just not sure how that change will go.  So you may visit this space and find it's weird, wonky or non existent. Just know, that I am working on it. I do not expect it to go smooth, that way if it goes good, I'm pleasantly surprised. I do fully expect many, many f-bombs to fly though. Anyone is more than welcome to drop off booze next week, thanks in advance. White wine is my fave.


For you, the only difference is the appearance of the blog may look a little different. For me, behind the scenes, should make running the blog much better and easier. Not that it's bad now, it's just that sometimes there's something out there that makes it better. 

Basically, I started out on a great beginner platform. I think now I'm ready for a big girl platform. This current one is just very basic and simple, which is fantastic!! It really is. I'm quite happy with it. But the new one has more. More options to make things bigger and better is all. 

Photo credit: somewhereovertherainbowquotes

In a nutshell, expect the shit to hit the fan because realistically, nothing like this goes well for me. How's that for positive attitude !!!  Haha.

But just wanted you to know, so if you visit here and it's not right, looks messed up, or if it looks like the whole site is down, it is in the process of big changes. Please be patient and I thank you for your understanding. Please hang in there, don't leave me, I'll be back soon friends. 

Oh and once the conversion is done, I don't even know how to run the new one yet !!  Learning curve coming too. F-bombs will guide me through it. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International 👩Women's Day! EVERY DAY 

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to inspire and empower women so that they too can enjoy the benefits that our direct sales company has to offer. We have changed the lives of so many women, and we will continue to do so! We are the fastest growing division of 💎 Swarovsk i💎 ~ a BILLION 💵 dollar debt free company! How many companies can say that?!

Girl Boss

We have a generous host plan as well as a compensation plan that is second to none. 
Does your employer give you extra money per month to put towards leasing a 🚘 BMW? You can have that with Touchstone! 
Do you earn all expense paid 🚢✈️ 🌴vacations JUST for doing your job? We do! 

Live on your terms

We have the freedom to be our own boss 👩‍💼 and set our own income level. The sky is the limit with this company! More family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 time, unlimited income 💰potential, AMAZING monthly incentives 💍(again, just for doing your job!), the opportunity to be debt FREE! Best of all, it truly is a RISK FREE OPPORTUNITY! Why not try it!? It's true ~ 20 minutes can change your life!

Dream Sparkle Shine

Get paid to party !
Love your job !
No better time !
Why not you !
Risk Free ! 
Earn Free jewelry !
Earn Free trips !

Your time to shine

Let me know if you'd ever like to take a listen on a Tell Me More call. It's no pressure, no obligation. Just a phone call or sometimes a facebook event, to hear about the opportunity. That's it.

I love this !
How much did you spend

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Birthday Fun

So this post is very late, but that's just how I roll sometimes. Here's a quick recap.

She wanted a rainbow layered cake, and much to our turned out really good. 

bday 01

Colors were bright, super good and moist.

bday 02

Had a very small party this year, which is nice sometimes to break up those big ones.

bday 03

Got them all blown out. Hope she made a good wish. That involves lakes, boating, fishing, paddle boarding, oceans, beach houses.....oh shit wait, that's my wish. Never mind.

bday 04

bday 07

Bath bombs, those squishy animals that are so popular right now, slime supplies...

bday 08


bday 09

Boxes remain to be fun at any age.

bday 10

So obviously I crop out or put a face over other kids for privacy reasons. Ashlyn saw it and said "I WANT ONE". So they all 3 got a privacy block face.

bday 11

Lots of fun roller skating ! My phone just didn't want to take real clear picture's in there with all the motion.

bday 14

When you don't have the real Twister game, you improvise with colored foam blocks.

bday 15

Popcorn and movie time.

bday 16

You just can't go wrong with a bath bomb gift. She gets it, she makes it, I use it !!!  It's a win win. And they smell really good too.

bday 18

bday 19

bday 20

So you know the slime craze we are in right now. This is what we came up with for school treats. Slime cupcakes !!

bday 21

They didn't turn out as we originally planned, but still turned out great. They didn't look like we were thinking, but it ended up being easier than expected.

bday 22

Hope everyone out there having a birthday has a great one !!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Olive Garden Lemon Cream Cake

I really only have one thing to say today. 

Olive Garden's Lemon Cream Cake is just like a little slice of heaven. (Enjoyed every single morsel). 

IMG_9999_3 copy

Hope you are having a great day.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Team Colors & Clip-Ons

Good morning !!!!

Are you familiar with Touchstone Crystal's Birthstone Bracelets?  If not, they are stretchy with no clasp. Easy peasy to put on. They are smooth all the way around, so no snagging clothes or sweaters. 

I tend to wear them to support school or team colors and to match my outfit. I have yet to wear them for the actual birthstone colors of my family. They are 2.25" inside diameter, crystals are set in Rhodium plating. I am wearing January and April. 

So versatile. You can do school colors, team colors, holiday colors and your actual birthstones. The red, white and blue even worked great for Captain America colors for a recent fundraiser I did.  So many options. 


Today I paired the bracelets with the Classic Clip-ons. I think clip-ons get forgotten about. I have mine pierced but still love these!  Just too pretty to forget about, so thought I'd bring them back today. They are Crystal set in Rhodium plating.

School Colors (Blog) 2

You can see these pieces as well as all the rest on my Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski website. Feel feel to browse and make a wish list !!

I hope you all have a sparkly day.

Tell me, are you a clip-on fan or not?

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