Thursday, February 22, 2018

Olive Garden Lemon Cream Cake

I really only have one thing to say today. 

Olive Garden's Lemon Cream Cake is just like a little slice of heaven. (Enjoyed every single morsel). 

IMG_9999_3 copy

Hope you are having a great day.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

How to Subscribe by Email

Good morning everyone ! Let's talk about the best way to follow your favorite blog/website. 

1. Some people prefer to just go to them, check in at their own leisure. They want no notifications at all. 

2. Some people follow many, many blogs and use an RSS Reader. Basically, you add all your favorite blogs to it, they show up in a list, and when a new post arrives it shows up in bold print. If you've read it, it's not bold anymore. Kind of similar to getting new emails in your inbox. I'll cover this another day. It's on the right side, as Subscribe to:

3. A very popular way is to follow them by email. So any new post comes right to your inbox. That's what we are going to cover today.  

On the right side of my blog, you will see a Follow by Email that looks like this:
(Sorry about this tiny little photo, this pic is giving me huge fits today. When I place it normal size, when it publishes it goes all huge and distorted. Ugh)

email 1

You would type your email in there and click Submit. Then this next screen comes up. But the email you just typed in, should show up in the your email address spot. Below that, you may have to type in a set of letters, or sometimes you just have to click a box proving that you are not spam. Click Complete Subscription Request.

email 2

You will then get a verification type response telling you to check your inbox for the last step.
Email 3

This last step is necessary for you to click the link they send you in order to activate your email subscription. This is so they know the emails will be going to the correct inbox. They basically want to verify you typed your email in correctly and you're telling them "Yes feedburner, you got it".
email 4

And that should be it !!!  Then whenever I have a new post, it comes straight to your inbox !  Even though I have over 1200 email subscribers, it still seems many people don't know about it or how convenient that may be for them. So if it's an option for you, give it a try.

I'm sure you will LOVE it. I don't post daily, so you will not be flooded with emails. It will not email it to you the second I post. I does it through the middle of the night, so you'll have it the following morning. So I may post at 2 pm on Wed, you'd get it to your inbox by early Thursday morning. If you do not care for it this way, you can unsubscribe at any time. 

The only thing I'm not sure of is...if I go back and edit an old post, when I click update to save it, I'm not sure if it will resend it to you or not. Or if it's only the brand new posts. I'm still learning with all this.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend !!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Team Colors & Clip-Ons

Good morning !!!!

Are you familiar with Touchstone Crystal's Birthstone Bracelets?  If not, they are stretchy with no clasp. Easy peasy to put on. They are smooth all the way around, so no snagging clothes or sweaters. 

I tend to wear them to support school or team colors and to match my outfit. I have yet to wear them for the actual birthstone colors of my family. They are 2.25" inside diameter, crystals are set in Rhodium plating. I am wearing January and April. 

So versatile. You can do school colors, team colors, holiday colors and your actual birthstones. The red, white and blue even worked great for Captain America colors for a recent fundraiser I did.  So many options. 


Today I paired the bracelets with the Classic Clip-ons. I think clip-ons get forgotten about. I have mine pierced but still love these!  Just too pretty to forget about, so thought I'd bring them back today. They are Crystal set in Rhodium plating.

School Colors (Blog) 2

You can see these pieces as well as all the rest on my Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski website. Feel feel to browse and make a wish list !!

I hope you all have a sparkly day.

Tell me, are you a clip-on fan or not?

Chanelle Necklace & Tri-Wrap Bracelet (video)

SO excited !!!  Got my new Tri-Wrap Bracelet today ! It's wonderful. It's beautiful. It's fabulous.  I'll keep my babbling to a minimum since there's a video today.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (16) copy

Easily going to be one of my favorite bracelets. Going to go with so many different outfits. So comfortable to wear.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (14) copy

In the video, I am talking about the many different ways you can wear our Chanelle Necklaces. One of our best sellers and you'll see why.

These can be worn as 3 separate bracelets or link them together and wrap it around 3 times as I have done here.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (3) copy

Coming in 4 fabulous colors !!!!  I definitely need them all.


If you would like to browse further, you may do so at my Touchstone Site.
Any questions, as always, I'd be happy to answer. 
Want some of this beautiful jewelry free or deeply discounted, As Me How. 

Have you heard of Touchstone Crystal before?

Have you heard of Swarovski before?

Do you have any Touchstone jewelry?

If so, what is your favorite piece?


Tuesday, February 13, 2018


One message, short and sweet.

"Hey winter, you can kiss our a@@".  

Other than 1 day of sledding, we are NOT enjoying all the snow we got this past week. 

Winter Kiss Ass

Looking forward to a little warm up with no snow this week. 

Going to close my eyes and click my heels 3 times and maybe I'll end up down south, on a beach, with my toes in the sand, or walking along the ocean, enjoying a beachy drink with an umbrella in it. 

Otherwise, I'll see ya tomorrow......

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