Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Touchstone Crystal - Coral Earrings

One of my new favorite earrings. Love these ! Perfect if you have short hair or wear it up. Something that won't dangle or get caught up in hair. They are Swarovski crystals with rhodium plating and titanium posts.

Coral Earrings (4)

I wear them way more frequently than I intended. Which is a good thing !

Coral Earrings (1)

Just another pair to add to my favorite list. One thing I prefer about all jewelry is when it's lightweight and you don't even realize it's there. These definitely fit that. I'm sure you could do without the closeup of my ear an all, but least the earrings take away from that. I hope !

Coral Earrings (2)

If you'd like to add these to your favorite collection as well, you can go to my Touchstone Crystal Website, enter my name (Michele Bertrand) in as the Host and you are all set !

Coral Earrings (3)

What style of earrings do you love?

Have you heard of Touchstone Crystal before?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pet City Chicken

So one day, we noticed a chicken right by our house. Not knowing anything about chickens, we offered it dog food. Said chicken snubbed us. We then tried bread and we had a winner. 

He seemed very friendly and we had no idea where he came from. 

chicken (1)

So Ashlyn fed it, watered it and really loved it. She'd get up in the morning, after school and before bed and check on the chicken. He'd come running to the edge of the road when he saw her coming but would not cross the road.

chicken (3)

About 3-4 days later....the chicken was no where to be found. And we had one sad little girl on our hands. She just bought chicken feed that day. 

A few days past, and we found out that the chicken and the owner had been reunited. And they are close enough, maybe if we introduced ourselves as the foster family, they'd allow her to visit. 

chicken (2)

She was just so happy to know that the chicken was safe. Sad she didn't get to care for him, but happy he was back home. Even though she preferred him to stay in the tree's by us and she take care of him.

chicken (4)

Do you have chickens?

Are they yours or strays?

Do you temporarily foster chickens too?

What else besides bread and chicken feed to they eat?

Just Hangin Around

Just hanging around.

hanging around

Hope you are having a great day.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Ice Bracelets - My Newest Addiction

OH my gosh !  Have you seen Ice Bracelets in person yet? You must, you really really must. It's almost hard to explain how gorgeous they are. Then you try one...maybe two...maybe three....and there's no turning back. You are sucked in with no way out.


I know it's a concern for me, so I always like to mention that all jewelry from Touchstone Crystal is lead and nickel free. And Touchstone Crystal is the direct selling division for Swarovski.

They beauties come in Gold Ion Plating, Oxidized Brass Plating, Oxidized Silver Plating, Rose Gold Ion Plating and Rhodium Plating.

TC Ice (5) TC Ice (4)

As of when I type this, they currently come in 35 colors !!!  The mix and match possibilities are endless. And Beautiful !

TC Ice (3) TC Ice (2)

They come in 7 1/4" and extenders are available. Just the other day, I saw a lady hook 2 of these together for a choker style necklace. Yet another idea for them.

TC Ice (1) TC Ice (6)

When you start putting them together, you can pull together any look with them. So very versatile depending on the colors you are wearing. In case you see several that you love, if you spend $100, you get the next item 30% off !! Great deal when you want several of these.

TC Ice Bracelets

Currently, this is my favorite combo. I love that they look so good with anything. You can wear them dressy, or with your jeans to the ballgame. And they are so smooth feeling, they don't have a snaggy edge anywhere. How good they feel is always one of the comments I hear people say about them.


The 3 bracelets below, are the same 3 I'm wearing in the above picture. They are the Vintage Denim Blue and Vintage Silver Night (Oxidized Silver Plating) and White (Rhodium Plating).


If you would love to add a few of these gorgeous bracelets to your wrist for some added sparkle, you can get them from my website. Just enter my name, Michele Bertrand, as the Host and shop away. Your order will arrive on your doorstep soon !!

And don't forget, if you spend $100, you get the next item 30% off. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Always love to help.

Do you have any Ice Bracelets yet?

What colors do you have?

How many do you wear at once?

What colors would you like to try first? 

Testing Family Photo Spot

I found these photo's and I think they might me from over a year ago. I can only assume I was scoping out a place to take family photo's.

m wildlife (1)

Kind of pretty, guess we'll have to go back and forget about it this time. I do remember this picture though. About not like the edge of it, no railing or nothing. Just straight down.

m wildlife (2)

m wildlife (3)

m wildlife (4)

Would have made great photo's. And maybe good fishing too.

m wildlife (5)

The mowed out spot would be a good one.

m wildlife (6)

By golly, we'll have to come back here for family photo's. Obviously, I'm thinking it's why I went in the first place.

m wildlife (7)

I want on the rock with Ashlyn though. I'm not standing in those tick infested weeds !

m wildlife (8)

m wildlife (9)

Have a great day.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Windy Bike Ride

One of those first nice days in the Spring. Perfect for bike riding to the country to throw rocks in the canal. But it was a smidge windier than we expected.

windy bike ride (1)

Holy Moly was it windy !!! Our bikes wouldn't even stay up. But what a great leg workout it was.

windy bike ride (2)

I think this part of it lasts just as long as the bike ride out here and back in to town. She loves doing this.

windy bike ride (3)

Until they run out of rocks because she's thrown them all in to the canal.

windy bike ride (4)

Do you love those windy bike rides to make you work your legs harder?

What exercise have you done so far today?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Kickstart the Fishing Season

While I had the Launch Party for my new Touchstone Crystal business, I kicked my family out of the house. 

The chosen activity was fishing. First one of the season. Weren't biting too bad, but not great. 

Started out with the typical small ones that she usually gets. 

fishing party (1)

Then she got the medium ones to bite and pulled one in.

fishing party (3)

Then she caught the biggest one she's ever caught. It was a good day. She actually caught a total of 6 and she wants it known for the record that Dad only caught 2.

fishing party (2)

Have you gone fishing yet this year?

Did you catch any?

What else did you do if you have wonderful weather today like we did?

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