Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Party

We went to a Halloween Party for kids in a town near us the other day. A had so much fun. They had a bunch of games and snacks for the kids and parents. 

halloweenparty (1)

These are her little besties.
halloweenparty (2)

They each got to shoot the fire hose and try to put out the fire in each window (pictured below).
halloweenparty (3)

halloweenparty (4)

halloweenparty (5)

halloweenparty (6)

Halloween Cookies

We made cookies and brought some to friends and sent some to D.

cookies (1)

cookies (2)

cookies (3)

cookies (4)

cookies (5)

Thumb Sucking

A did it !  A was a thumb sucking baby right from birth. A couple years ago she stopped sucking it on a routine basis and went to just naps and bedtime. When she dropped naps, it was down to just bedtime. Oh has she had a hard time with that. And she doesn't even suck it all night, just for a couple of minutes and once she's out, she's done. 

So I came up with an incentive for her to work towards. You can call it bribery if you want. But really it was more of an incentive. When she went for 1 full month without sucking her thumb at all, not even one time, I'd buy her 10 new fingernail polishes. Because she's all girly girl and love polish. 

She did it. She's gone about 2 full months. Polish was on sale and she picked them out. She got some good bright ones. Technically there's 11 here, just because. 

Early Snow

We are NOT supposed to have this much snow on our pumpkins !

snow (1)

snow (2)

Pumpkin Patch

We did the pumpkin patch this year. Same as every year but it's fun. So I won't bore you with too many pictures. Just a couple 14 or so. 

patch (1)

patch (2)

patch (3)

patch (4)

THE BEST donuts EVER. A guy makes them in a food trailer at the patch. Still warm....oh my my....the 2 dozen we got wasn't near enough. We ate 1 dozen there and got 1 to go.
patch (5)

patch (6)

The only reason the chicken made the blog post cut is because doesn't the thingy on its head look really fake?  I mean, it looks like dried play dough. I badly wanted to tug on it.
patch (7)

A really wants bunnies. A is not getting bunnies anytime soon.
patch (8)

We caused a back up at the mermaid area of the haunted house.
patch (9)

I love when the horses take you for a ride through the orchard instead of the tractor.
patch (10)

patch (11)

patch (12)

This was so cool. A could have stayed in there all day long. Instead of a big sandbox it was filled with corn.
patch (13)

patch (14)

Disney Jr Live - Pirates & Princess Adventure

Grandma, A and I went to see the Disney Jr Live - Pirates & Princess Adventure. It was a very cute show. So good the way they worked in boys and girls interests. 

The popcorn was soooooo salty. By the bottom of the bucket, we all had puffy burning lips. We sucked water and coated with an insane amount of Carmex.
disjr (1)

A short skit form Doc McStuffins.
disjr (2)

Mickey and Minnie.
disjr (3)

disjr (4)

And there's Sophia the First. I love her show. It has some really great lessons in it.
disjr (5)

disjr (6)

No show is complete without Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.
disjr (7)

The big surprise for the girls was an appearance from Cinderella.
disjr (8)

disjr (9)

Sophia got huge at the end.
disjr (10)

Jake and the Neverland Pirate for the boys. (and girls of course)
disjr (11)

Captain Hook.
disjr (12)

disjr (13)

Big surprise for the boys was an appearance from Peter Pan. Although he almost didn't appear. Apparently an issue with cables caused a brief break in the show.
disjr (14)

And the end. Where we see them all. Confetti and bubbles everywhere. It was a really good show.
disjr (15)

Ever brought your kids to this one? What did you think?


Movie Night

Movie night is always fun. We fix a big bowl of popcorn and settle in. Except this time the bowl was extra big because it was also supper. 

popcorn (1)

popcorn (2)


It's been awhile since I've posted. So now I have a bunch to show you. But that's how I roll. Kinda choppy. 

Back when it was very nice and very warm out still, we went over to the 'big fields' to play baseball. Prior to now, we played by her rules. From now on, she's going to start learning the real rules. But with only 2 players, you have to run the bases A LOT !! Then we played soccer after baseball. Whew!


Monday, October 14, 2013

5-K Along Canal

My friend T and I did a 5-k in our town. It ended up being very hot and muggy. They also had a mini-triathlon that we did not participate in but it looked fun. We can bike it no problem, we just have to brush up on our running and canoeing skills and I think we'll try it. Maybe 'brush up' is too light of a term when referring to a canoe and us in the same sentence.

It really is a nice 5-k to do, as it runs along a canal and no town roads at all (unless you were biking for the mini-tri).

Look at T's excitement, I sense she loves it when I sign her up for these things. She got me back when she made me climb Mt Everest on our bikes the following week.

5K (1)

5K (2)

Fun Small Town Games

A- had so much fun at this event our town puts on every year. Well, technically they just started it last year, but it's so much fun I hope it keeps going. A friend and I did the 5-K and they had a whole bunch of stuff for the kids. 

They had face painting, which is always fun. Also had cute tattoos.
games (1)

games (2)

This little gizmo is just like on the Price is Right, you send the coin thing down and each slot has points on it, you ad up the points and that's how many tickets you get to choose at the prize table.
games (3)

Pumpkin bowling.
games (4)

Finding prizes in the haystack.
games (5)

games (6)

games (7)

Stick pony rodeo (foot race).
games (8)

Chicken race.
games (9)

Tractor pull. This was her first one she's every done and went 10 1/2 feet. Not too shabby.
games (10)

games (11)

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