Saturday, November 30, 2013

Santa & Parade

Our yearly Santa visit and a Christmas parade. This was a really good Santa. The last few she wouldn't sit on their lap or talk to them. This one warmed up to her a bit first and talked to her quite a bit. Like a good Santa should I think. 


parade (1)

parade (2)

parade (3)

parade (4)

parade (5)

parade (6)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Decorating the Tree

It's funny how excited you are to decorate the tree and then by Christmas you just can't wait to get that sucker out of your house. 

I love, love, love all the homemade ornaments we are getting to put on our tree these days.


tree deco (2)

tree deco (3)

We have 3 tree toppers. A Santa, sparkly star and an angel. They all fit the top of a tree differently. This tree needed the most lightweight, which is our angel. Which seems to have disappeared. Can't find her anywhere. Don't recall anything happening to her. She has vanished. Santa is too heavy, he nose dives off immediately. Same with the star.
tree deco (4)

A says to me "Hold it right there sweetie! I'll fix this." She whips out construction paper, glue, tape, yarn and scissors. 10 minutes later, she has fixed our dilemma. The best and lightest angel tree topper we've ever had. She even has a little bling at the bottom.
tree deco (5)

Christmas Tree Cutting

This was one of the better weather years we've had for cutting our tree down. In previous years, some of you who have followed my old blog, know that we've had some massive sized tree's before. This one is so tiny compared to those. We needed a table top/out of the way/don't take up anymore space-kind of tree's this year.

tree cutting (1)

This tree farm maintains their tree's so well. Literally every single tree is a good one. You just need to pick your size, because the shape is perfect.
tree cutting (2)

We have a winner !
tree cutting (3)

A and her Mama.
tree cutting (4)

A and her Daddy. Some days....I could put that rope around both their necks. (Hey, DCFS I was teasing!)
tree cutting (5)

Hey D, are you reading this? Now that you've bolted to another state on us, your little wittle baby sister has to cut down the tree, which was always your job, even if you never did pick that job willingly.
tree cutting (6)

All by herself...
tree cutting (7)

And walk a ways....
tree cutting (8)

You maize well have just sent her to a sweatshop in China.
Don't worry readers, D isn't feeling guilty at all, he's not buying my BS. Because he's probably sitting on a beach somewhere enjoying the palm kind of tree's, smiling and so relieved that he doesn't have to cut the darn tree down this year.
tree cutting (9)

Isn't this snowman tree the cutest thing ever?
tree cutting (10)  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Comfy Cozy

There is nothing better than your favorite dog pillow, on an unmade bed, with the sun coming in strong through the window.  This has to be close to staying in your jammies all day.

dog sunning

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Countdown to Christmas

We use a different way of counting down to Christmas every year. It's always homemade. We've done a snowman, Santa's beard, a big Christmas tree and each number was an ornament. This year was a rush and we were in a scramble. So it's a simple stocking that we colored hanging on string. Each one is dated and shows how many days left on the toe. Typically we start on Dec 1, but A was too excited to start counting this year. So we started around Thanksgiving. 

cmas countdown (1)

cmas countdown (2)  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Free 2 Play

Back in September A and I signed up for one of those Family Fitness Nights, Free 2 Play. It was the first time I'd heard of it, so we tried it. Aside from the awful painful horrible headache I had and it was about 175 degrees out, it was really fun and we'll probably do it again next year. 

I did a search to see if we made any of the picture's I saw them taking. From what I can find, we made it in one.

We are in 2nd photo.
free2play 1

I am in the neon yellow shirt and purple shorts trying not to pass out from a throbbing headache. A is right by me in the purple shirt and lime green shorts.
free2play 2
I guess the photo credit goes Hammond Henry Hospital.

Disney on Ice 2013

We went to Disney on Ice over the weekend. It was us, A and her Grandparents and we all enjoyed it. The biggest highlight according to A was when Tinker Bell specifically waved to her twice and blew her 3 separate kisses throughout the show. Oh yea, this is the big time people ! Huge !  Although it was a great show, none of fully realized quite how cold it is down by the ice. BRRR.

disonice (1)

The Lion King
disonice (2)

Little Mermaid
disonice (3)

disonice (4)

disonice (5)

Mickey (& Minnie)
disonice (6)

Peter Pan
disonice (7)

disonice (8)

disonice (9)

disonice (10)

Donald and Diasy
disonice (11)

Touching the ice.
disonice (12)

A showing off her Ariel and Tinkerbell necklaces.
disonice (13)

Arc Customizable Notebook-Calendar - Review

Score !!!!

The Arc is the best invention for Anal OCD people. Only available from Staples as far as I know. You can choose your cover. Choose your notebook or calendar pages. Choose the size rings you want. And you can take pages out, move then, insert more easily. You can even make these cool little half inserts. The possibilities are endless really. I've seen so many ideas with it. I use it for my daily planner. 

FYI - the lighting sucks really bad in my kitchen when I don't have a sunny day providing good natural light.
arc (1)

So I have my months and calendar pages (that I make, see below). I also have additional sections, Fitness for you know, logging fitness stuff. Future dates, for things that come up for the next year that no one will remember without writing it down. I have a Books section I write books I want to get, look in to or get from the library for both myself and A. I also have a To Do Later section, for non-urgent stuff I don't want to forget about, but I also don't want it in my face daily. You know, I'll come find you when I want you type stuff.
arc (2)

See that funny little half page I stuck up so you could see it, I punch that so it sticks up about 1/2 inch above the other pages and that's my current week I'm. So when it's closed, that sticks up so I can quick open to the right spot. And I use it for quick notes I jot down.
arc (3)

I use Arc's other pages but I do print my own calendar on thick card-stock. Mainly because I do not think anyone makes a calendar for my Anal OCD ways. I am not one of those people that can have a calendar in one spot, notes in another, a chart on the wall for school stuff and some other binder for meal planning. I have to have it all in one spot, or things get missed. Really badly. I like it quick, easy and all in one.

Here's a close up of one day. On the right is pretty self explanatory with the Meals, Bills and School having their own space. I also write meals in blue, bills in green and school appointments and activities in red pen. Is this normal? I'm certain it is. 

On the left, is everything else. Written in blue of course, daily reminders and to do's. Any appointment or important date gets written in red so it stands out. At the bottom I write all friends and family's birthdays and anniversary's in purple pen. 
arc (4)

Overall I have been more than impressed with this system. They have several different types and styles of covers and pages to choose from in both half page and full page options.

Vinyl Wall Deco

We've been meaning to add a little somethin-somethin to A's room without doing anything permanent since we are currently renting at the moment. Since Since we have a vinyl cutting machine and we do this at our shop (samples here), I thought I'd pop up a few stars to go along with the shiny ones on her bedspread. I did only use the colors we currently had, as I didn't want to order specific colors for such a small project. Otherwise shiny glittery white and silver ones would have worked best. 

room (1)

Factoring laziness or in a big hurry, whichever you prefer, I did not take the current down to do this. Which made them harder to put on, which made it hard for A to help.
room (2)

So she got full control over star placement on the wall sign above her bed.
room (3)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mermaid and Cat in the Hat

Halloween night was rainy here. So rainy that I didn't even bring my big camera, small camera or my phone. So we quick went outside without coats for our quick and only photo's we have of our costumes and trick or treating.

Mermaid Cat in the Hat 1

A- is squinting because the rain is getting on her face. My make up wasn't near dark enough. But A and I did it and it actually turned out quite well if you could see it. I don't do much with makeup at all, so A and I quick whipped it up about 15 minutes before leaving. Just looks like a white face in the photo below. She's got a heart and a seashell on her face that she did all by herself. Even after we bundled up, it was still cold.
Mermaid Cat in the Hat 2
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