Friday, November 29, 2013

Decorating the Tree

It's funny how excited you are to decorate the tree and then by Christmas you just can't wait to get that sucker out of your house. 

I love, love, love all the homemade ornaments we are getting to put on our tree these days.


tree deco (2)

tree deco (3)

We have 3 tree toppers. A Santa, sparkly star and an angel. They all fit the top of a tree differently. This tree needed the most lightweight, which is our angel. Which seems to have disappeared. Can't find her anywhere. Don't recall anything happening to her. She has vanished. Santa is too heavy, he nose dives off immediately. Same with the star.
tree deco (4)

A says to me "Hold it right there sweetie! I'll fix this." She whips out construction paper, glue, tape, yarn and scissors. 10 minutes later, she has fixed our dilemma. The best and lightest angel tree topper we've ever had. She even has a little bling at the bottom.
tree deco (5)


  1. You are so right about the tree--I can never wait to get it, and then the day after Christmas I can't wait to take it down! Yours is so pretty!


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