Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shaklee Basic H2 for Stain Removal

I know I do many posts on Shaklee's laundry products for keeping things white and bright and removing stains.  But I also wanted to mention and show you how well Basic H2 itself does too. This is truly an amazing product. I put a few drops of this on things and the spot seriously just vanishes.  

I have no picture of it. But you know those pop-cycles in the plastic wrapper, long tube shaped thinga-ma-bobbers? Well, Ashlyn left one of those lay on the counter, mostly empty, but a few drips still laid on the counter. It wouldn't just wipe off. I sprayed it with a Basic H mixture and wiped it off. Nope. This one needed more.  I know for a fact that Scour Off would have removed it, but I wanted to test Basic H2. So I put a couple drops on the counter straight, and rubbed it so it covered the spot.  I came back 15 minutes later to scrub it and it was already gone. Just GONE. 

That's what happened here. Not sure what the heck Ashlyn got into at school, but this dark spot came home with her. I put several drops of Basic H2 on it and rubbed it around with my finger. Could have used a little brush, but lazy you know. Then just tossed it in my laundry basket and forgot about it. 

green pants (1)

Next day, washed it like usual, and nothing remaining of that nasty spot.
green pants (2)

So for those who haven't ventured into the laundry products yet, Basic H2 really is a wonderful go-to all-around all-in-one kind of product.

The best way to spread Christmas Cheer,  
    is to give the Gift of Health this year !


So if you are looking for that all in one great gift for someone this year, give the gift of health and introduce someone you care about to Shaklee with a bottle of Basic H2. Such an inexpensive gift with very high gains for a loved ones health.

Disney on Ice - 2014

We went to see Disney on Ice with 2 of Ashlyn's friends and their Mom's. And I think because I was sick, I never got one single picture of the girls or of all of us. You know darn well I was sick, because THAT never happens. They worked Toy Story in this year which was my favorite part. 

Arial - The Little Mermaid
disney on ice (1)

disney on ice (2)

disney on ice (3)

disney on ice (4)

disney on ice (5)

disney on ice (6)

disney on ice (7)

Toy Story
disney on ice (8)

disney on ice (9)

disney on ice (10)

disney on ice (11)

disney on ice (12)

disney on ice (13)

disney on ice (14)

disney on ice (15)

disney on ice (16)

I didn't need to be too wordy, Disney on Ice explains itself in their wonderful shows. It is something you need to see at least once. They are so good.

School Party

We missed this last year because we went on vacation. So was glad Ashlyn got to go this year. The school does a little Christmas party for K-5 grades with craft, games and fun. She had a great time. 

Several games to play and win prizes.
cmas school party (1)

A friend that went with us.
cmas school party (2)

Cookie decorating.
cmas school party (3)

More games.
cmas school party (4)

Craft table making ornaments and frame.
cmas school party (5)

Coloring pages.
cmas school party (6)

Holiday tattoo's.
cmas school party (7)

More cookies.
cmas school party (8)

They also had a popcorn stand set up. A TV playing a movie with padded things laying on the floor to watch. Santa came to visit and get picture's if you wanted. Was pretty neat for the kids. 

Christmas Program

Christmas programs are about the cutest things ever. There's always those certain kids that just make you laugh at some point. Much to my shock, one of them was not Ashlyn this year. Whew !

cmas program (1)

cmas program (2)


I'm still debating whether Toby is spoiled or not.  I think he's wishing for a fireplace for Christmas. Got the dim lights from the tree. Cozy couch. His own blankie. A smoldering fire would be perfect. Maybe someone to feed him treats occasionally.

spoiled toby


Worked our Santa visit in. She gave him her list but still not going to sit on his lap. She's only done that a few times, she's a little better just next to him. I actually don't blame her. I don't frequently like to sit on a stalking harry fat man's lap either. Sorry Santa, but you need to check out Shaklee's 180 program. If you think about it, he is kind of a stalker. He knows where she lives. He knows when she's sleeping. He sneaks in to her house. He knows her name, grade, all the things she likes. If Ashlyn ever reads this post, she's going to be bringing mace to the next visit. Good thing Santa wears glasses.

santa (1)

Sorry for kind of bashin ya Santa. We love ya !! 
santa (2)

Christmas Tree Cutting

Cutting our Christmas tree down is something we do every year. The only problem with the last few years is that Devin isn't here to do the hard work for us. So....we figured 6 years old is not too young to step up to the plate and start taking over Devin's job. Actually, I do believe we had her do it last year too. Okay, so 5 wasn't too young to start handling a saw. 

And look how excited she is about it. Maybe that's because she doesn't know yet.
tree cut (1)

tree cut (2)

Atta girl. Nice and low and even.
tree cut (3)

Right after I took this she stopped, turn around and yelled "Isn't ANYONE helping me!"  haha    Nope, sweetheart, your doing fine.
tree cut (4)

But I'm a sucker, so look who's helping and look who's smiling now.
tree cut (5)

Mostly all homemade ornaments.
tree cut (6)

I think we are losing our help.
tree cut (7)

Beautiful. Over the next few days, the tree kept tilting over more and more. Jamie kept telling her "I'll fix it later".  Finally, she says, hands on hips, "Fine, I'll just get a different Daddy to fix it".  He fixed it.
tree cut (8)

Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

I finally found a good decently healthy dog treat recipe that I like. Okay, well "I" personally can't vogue for it. But I do like the ease of making it, the crunchy treat and they last awhile. More like a biscuit, instead of a soft treat that only lasts for a week. The boys seem to really like them.  

First, you need a cute little helper to crack some eggs. Don't worry about little pieces of shell, the dogs don't care.
biscuits (1)

Add the pumpkin. This is NOT the pumpkin pie filling. Use pure pumpkin. 100% pure pumpkin.
biscuits (2)

Squash that bad boy up into a well mixed ball.
biscuits (3)

Roll 'er out.
biscuits (4)

Cut them how you choose. We opted for a really quick way until we knew if they turned out and were good. Next time we might put a little more effort into the cuteness factor of the cutouts.
biscuits (5)

Place them on a cookie sheet. They will need flipped. Might want to take that into consideration before making 5000 of them like we did.
biscuits (6)

Don't mind the massive amounts of flour that your helper will insist you need to use. Once you store them in a zip lock bag, most of it does fall off. But again, the dogs not minded that either.
biscuits (7)

The dogs really do absolutely love them. And I love that it's made from healthy ingredients and nothing that they don't need. Toby loves that this means he'll get extras!
biscuits (8)

Printable Recipe

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mindworks vs Memory Game

Just the other day, I did a post on Shaklee's new Mindworks product.  I have just realized yet another good reason to take it. 

So that just once, just ONE time, I can beat my six year old at the Memory game. 


Monday, November 24, 2014

Weenie Roast

Years ago, my nephews were staying over with us. We lived in the country and playing in the woods and getting dirty were top priority. Right up there with weenie roasts. 

weenie roast 1

After changing out a toilet, we thought what the heck, put a little spice into our weenie roasts. So we transferred it to the toilet. Hey, I'm a clean freak and I guarantee my toilet was cleaner than most people's countertops. And you wouldn't believe what these 3 could get into, and roasting a hot dog out of a toilet is by far not the worst.
weenie roast 2

All was good until she got a crack in her.
weenie roast 3

Then she blew to smithereens ! 
weenie roast 4

The 3 boys are much older now, and this is still one of the most talked about and brought up stories to remember. 

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