Friday, January 24, 2014


I may have a longer delay between posts than usual.  My computer crashed and I'm working out details for repairing or replacing. So I've not disappeared all together, just a minor snafu.  Thankfully I have 98% of my personal and business files on external hard drives. So far I've not been able to retrieve emails that were in the inbox (Santa video's for A), I can get everything new, not yet downloaded from an email service through my host, but not what is already read and sitting in the inbox. I also have lost all my emails, so if you know me, email me and I'll have your email again. Otherwise, I'll slowly get them back. But the worst is after my beloved Blogger shut down, I couldn't find a blog reader that I really liked. So I used the RSS Feed reader within my Outlook. And I actually liked it quite well. I lost every single blog that I had in there as well as the individual posts I was saving for each one. I might still have the back up from back when blogger closed down, but I had cleaned up, deleted and added new since then. Still working out details.

So no picture for this post. Be back soon.This is also a reminder to go do your backups!!

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