Monday, February 24, 2014

Growing Up

A is growing up fast, just like everyone said she would.

She went from this...
growth (1) this in no time.
growth (15)

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snow Play

Our snow has been insane this year. I for one am more than ready to be done. It's been so cold this winter, that the kids haven't even really got to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Since moving, we really don't have a great sledding hill. The closest actual 'public sledding hill' is so packed I don't feel it's the safest for kids too young. Thankful the plows have been piling the snow near our house. It's big enough for A to sled down, dig holes in and have fun. And we even had a couple days above 10 degree's or so to tolerate the cold and play in it.

play in snow (1)

play in snow (2)

play in snow (3)

play in snow (5)

play in snow (6)

play in snow (7)

play in snow (8)

play in snow (9)

play in snow (10)

play in snow (11)

play in snow (12)

play in snow (13)

play in snow (14)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Inflatable Jumping Fun

We took A and some friends to one of those jumping bouncy house facilities. Then  out for pizza. The girls had a great time, and what a good way to wear them out in the winter. 

jump (1)

jump (2)

jump (3)

jump (4)

jump (5)

jump (6)

jump (7)

jump (8)

jump (9)

jump (10)

jump (11)

jump (13)

jump (14)

jump (15)

jump (12)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Birthday Treats

A got to choose 3 birthday treats. For school, for home on the actual birthday day, and for her party. 

It was yummy gooey caramel chocolate chip brownies. Those suckers didn't last long.
bday treats (1)

bday treats (2)

Around here, the birthday person gets to choose the food for their birthday supper. She chose macaroni and cheese with hotdogs in it and corn dogs.
bday treats (3)

bday treats (4)

Making cake balls for her party. We made white, chocolate and strawberry ones.
bday treats (5)

bday treats (6)

The blue were supposed to be 'mystery cake balls'. So it would be a surprise if you got white, chocolate or strawberry cake. But we couldn't get them completely covered to the point of being a surprise. Oh well, they were still good.
bday treats (7)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Birthday Party Fun

A-girl has turned 6! She had her first friend party this year. Planning around our weather this year has been difficult. Then when she has a non-football kind of mother, she plans it on Superbowl Sunday to boot (without realizing it)! Everyone had fun regardless. 

bday party (1)

Played "Tape the Crown on the Princess".
bday party (2)

bday party (8)

Miss A loves to help decorate.
bday party (3)

bday party (4)

Played Ring Around the Rosie. They got playing a balloon game they made up, which made us forget about the Hokey Pokey we had on the agenda. Balloon game was just as much fun though.
bday party (5)

bday party (6)

Here's the balloon toss game.
bday party (7)

She chose cake balls instead of a cake, which made sticking candles in them pretty difficult. So we stuck them in the finger jello instead. It's all good.
bday party (9)

bday party (10)

bday party (11)

bday party (12)

bday party (14)

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