Thursday, March 27, 2014

Coconut Oil as Make-up Remover

Have you ever used Coconut Oil to remove make-up? If not, you are going to want to try it. It's the best. It goes on easily, no scrubbing and it moisturizes your face. I was going to show you with my make-up but A- tends to wear a little more than I do when playing dress-up.

Start with a little bit of make-up. For adults, this is fantastic for removing eye liner.
Coconut Oil (1)

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature and melts easily at the warmth of your fingertips.
Coconut Oil (2)

About a pea size amount usually does it. Rub all over face, it's going to smear the make-up and eye liner wearer's will look like Rocky Balboa.
Coconut Oil (3)

Simply wipe face gently with a warm wash cloth. It comes off so easily. Since your face has thin delicate skin, it's such a nice gentle easy and cheap way to remove make-up.
Coconut Oil (4)

I use coconut oil for several things, but mainly I cook and bake with it and use it on our face, skin in general and as a hair condition. Careful on the hair conditioning, it will make it look greasy if you use too much. You can slather it on heavy if you are using it as a pre-wash conditioner. We use it after washing, just a drop, on the ends of our hair to keep it soft. 

I know many people recommend expensive brands that can only be purchased online or at health foods stores, but claim they are better. I'm not discussing which one is better and all the hoopla that could go with that. I'm only giving my opinion on 2 of the brands that I can easily get my hands on at stores near me. 

Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Unrefined.
This one is so common at Walmart, Target and many local grocery stores. It's so easy to get. In general, I do like it. I do find it to be slightly more greasy or waxy than I care for. For skin care and cooking, it works fine but can be a smidgey smidge heavy feeling on the skin or hair. But in a pinch, I do use it.
Coconut Oil (5)

Hy-Vee Health Market Organic Unrefined Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. 
I cannot find this on Hy-Vee website, so I'm unable to link you. This is my favorite, conveniently to get, coconut oil. I use it for all the same things I mentioned above. But it's lighter than the other one, it's melts in your fingers more easily, it smells a little more coconuty, it's nicer and thinner on the hair and face. Wipes off more easily. This is my first choice and the one I use the most. 

Don't mind the Jif lid on it. This has a white lid but during a crazy morning before school. something happened and I had to steal the Jif lid for my oil. 

Coconut Oil (6)

Update as of 10/29/15. I have to mention another coconut oil I've been very pleased with. It's from Adli's. It's Simply Nature Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for approximately $4.99. I am really loving this one as well (for cooking, skin and hair). 

Do you have a favorite coconut oil? Or favorite use for it?


A- had her first lobster encounter. We went to Red Lobster for our Anniversary. 14 years and no one is dead yet, pretty good odds I'd say. A- thought the lobster tank was pretty until, until the hostess asked if she'd like to touch one. The hostess pulled one out, and I couldn't believe she touched it more than I thought she would. The head, the back, tail and the jelly part on the underside. Though she thought it was neat, it doesn't appear she's ready to play with them again anytime soon.
 Red Lobster

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Make-up Artist

I think A- found her calling. Make-up artist extraordinaire !

makeup (1)

makeup (2)

The sparkles didn't show up well in the photo, but trust me, they were plentiful !
makeup (3)

And a selfie from the artist herself to conclude this post.
makeup (4)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Great Exposure Lesson

I just stumbled upon the greatest little exposure lesson. When I first got my 'big girl camera', I thought making sense of the aperture, shutter speed and ISO working together was one of the hardest concepts to understand.  Now that I 'get it', it just takes practice to actually do it.

After reading this lesson, I thought they got the point across in an excellent way for beginners like myself. So I just had to share. 

I'm just going to give you the meat and taters of it, you can read the full article at Digital Photography School in Tips and Tutorials.  Be sure to click on that link to view the images they used as well.

 APERTURE = how WIDE you open your eyes

A small aperture (a large f-stop or f-number, like f/22) is like squinting. A large aperture (a small f-stop or f-number, like f/1.4) is like having “bug eyes”.

Quiz:  If you are shooting in low light, how wide do you open your eyes? Will you see well at night if you are squinting (small aperture)?
Quiz:  What happens on a super bright day if your eyes are wide open and they’re open for a long time (slow shutter and large aperture)? Can you see well then?

SHUTTER SPEED = how LONG you open your eyes

A fast shutter, like 1/1000th of a second, is blinking super fast. A slow shutter speed, like 2 seconds, is keeping your eyes open and then blinking. The thing to remember is:  your brain is recording everything when your eyes are open. So if you or something you’re looking at is moving, and your eyes are open a long time (slow shutter), then your brain will record a blurry image.

Quiz:  If you want a crisp shot of someone jumping, how long do you need your eyes open? What will freeze the shot:  a quick blink (fast shutter) or a slow one (slow shutter)?

ISO = special glasses that help you see in the dark

ISO is like the opposite of sunglasses. Let’s call them MOONglasses!  
The higher the ISO, the thicker your moonglasses, so the more you are able to see in low light. You need thick moonglasses (high ISO) when shooting indoors or at dusk. You need very thin moonglasses (low ISO) when it’s a sunny day.

Quiz:  do I need thick, thin or medium moonglasses if I’m shooting at the beach on my lunch break?

All 3 of these things work together

Here is an example:  You are photographing your sleeping cat who is snuggled on the couch. There is not much light coming through the windows or additional ambient light. To see well, you have medium-to-thick moonglasses on (such as ISO 600). You need to have your eyes open pretty wide (large aperture, such as f/1.4). However, you don’t have great vision (you have a kit lens that only goes up to f/4.5), so you need more light to see. Thus, you leave your eyes open longer (slow shutter speed, such as 1/30th sec).


Final Quiz:

  1. In the same scenario, your cat notices you are snapping photos, so she starts walking away and leaps off the couch. You still want to photograph her. Which would you change:  how open your eyes are (aperture), how long you leave your eyes open (shutter speed), or thickness of your moonglasses (ISO)?
  2. If you increase your shutter speed because you want to freeze the image, what else would you need to change? (If you changed nothing else, the image would be too dark because you let in less light.)
Once you get the basic concept of exposure and how the three components of the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed and ISO) work together, turn your DSLR camera to “manual” and practice the specific settings based on different circumstances.

Full credit for this article goes to Digital Photography School.

So what did you think? I loved it for newbies!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Friends at Tumbling

Today was bring a friend to tumbling day. What a fun day they each had with their special friend. 

Showing friend proper hand prep and placement to begin a bridge.
tumblingfrd (1)

Ta-Da !  A bridge !
tumblingfrd (2)

A little girl time chit chat during a quick break.
tumblingfrd (3)

Princesses, games and tea parties all afternoon.
tumblingfrd (4)

Sick Days

We had a few sick days from school. Here she is napping with Toby, whom seems squished by at the little couch and blanket hog.

sick n tent (1)

Sleeping in the tent most of the second day. Toby and Spencer have a lot more room to themselves. Amazing how cool and comfy a homemade tent is.
sick n tent (2)

Toby concurs.
sick n tent (4)

"Maybe if I lay right here, she can't put these blankets away".
sick n tent (3)

Hair Bow Holder

While ago we made A the "oatmeal can" hair accessory holder. If you've not heard of it, you take the huge can of oatmeal, cover it in batting, then a fabric. You run a ribbon down one side over the fabric seam, the headbands are about perfect size to just wrap about, the hair blow clips, clip on the ribbon.

hair bows (1)

Clearly our bow portion is being over populated.
hair bows (2)

I took some off so you can see the ribbon. This is a perfect set up if you don't have too many.  So I found another idea that we tried for just the bows. We left the headbands on the oatmeal container holder.
hair bows (3)

Any old frame with do. We used 11x14 size. You will need:
- Frame
- Ribbon
- Hot glue gun
hair bows (4)

Remove the nice little family that comes with it. Remove the glass. Remove any of the hooks that were there to hold the picture and glass in, you won't be using them.

Choose the direction you want it to go, we chose the landscape direction. Decide how many strips of ribbon you'd like to use, measure and cut them to length.
hair bows (5)

Glue each end of the fabric in the crook where the glass would normally sit.
hair bows (6)

It should end up like this. I didn't want any holes in the wall to hang it was, which was going on the side of her dresser. So I used double stick crafters tape. Which is supposedly supposed to come off the surface easily. I'll find out when I'm ready to take it off.
hair bows (7)

Then just place your bows like so. Because of where you glued the ribbon, it will stick out a little from the surface, so you have space to clip and unclip easily.
hair bows (8)

KitchenAid Blender - Review

I recently upgraded to a better blender. Not one of those $400-$500 ones, but definitely better than my last $12 one. I ended up with the KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender in Chrome. And whooooo-eeeee, do I love it !!!!  It makes fruit and veggie smoothies in seconds. So far it has pureed and liquified everything very good with the exception of carrots but I've only tried them once and put them in in huge hunks. To be fair I should try them again. But this blender blends frozen fruit or vegetables fantastic.

blender (1)

The little pieces you see are just strawberry seeds.
blender (2)

Look at that !!! Yum. This is strawberries, banana, apple, peaches and mango smoothie. Which ended up on the counter as you can see. I can't pour and take a photo very well, obviously.
blender (3)

My favorite blender of all time. Blends fresh and frozen items easily. Clean up is a breeze.

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