Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pie Teachers in Face

Yesterday was a fun day for the kids at school. The past several months they've been reading each day and they get points for that. The end reward is a Reading Carnival. These reading points earned them tickets to spend at the Reading Carnival set up outside the school. They had so much to do. Since I was at a booth I couldn't see everything. They bean bag toss, bouncy house, bouncy slide, photo booth, pie the teachers in the face (tickets were drawn for who got to do it), obstacle course I think, pick ducks out of water, some standing on a number game, you could also use your tickets to sit in a race car, face painting, all kinds of good games.

A. used some of her points to buy a few tickets to enter to be drawn to pie a teacher. There were TONS of tickets in these, so I can't believe she was chosen. I wasn't sure she was going to do it at first.  

pie teachers (1)

Just a few of the others. There were 10-12 teachers that did it.
pie teachers (2)

pie teachers (3)

This is the first video I've ever tried to embed from you tube. So if it's not working for you, I just don't know what to tell you. Good luck. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bike Safety Rodeo

A's school sponsored a Bike Safety Rodeo event this past weekend. It was an extremely busy weekend with soccer, baseball and track going on. So not very many kids could participate, but what a good cause it was and so neat for the kids. I volunteered to help and A. had to come with me that day before and after the event to help set up and take down. They gave her a volunteer shirt too for helping and boy did she think she was a big girl that day. 

First, an officer went over rules of the road, hand signals, what to do in certain situations and a general talk about bike safety.
Bike Rodeo (1)

Then they had their bikes inspected. They were very thorough too. Before doing the course they also had their helmets checked for proper fit.
Bike Rodeo (2)

They rode and weaved through cones, with Stop and Yield signs.
Bike Rodeo (3)

Simulated hoola hoop pot holes.
Bike Rodeo (4)

Pedestrian crossing lesson.
Bike Rodeo (5)

They ended it with a little bag of goodies and informational material.
Bike Rodeo (6)

And a certificate of course.
Bike Rodeo (7)

The Wet Brush - Review

We more often than not have some hair tangling issues around here. I was certain I was not going to fall for those detangling brushes I've been seeing so much of recently. Then I decided to give one a try after hearing so much about them. 
Detangle Brush (2)
I first tried this one. Not sure the exact name of it because I did not care for it at all !  We threw it away after a week. So that was it. Not falling for anymore. Done. No more. 

So then I bought this one. Good thing I didn't listen to myself because it's great. I bought it at Target. It's called The Wet Brush, but they advertise it as The Wet/Dry Brush. We think it's pretty fantastic. We have a lot less screams and tears in the morning. I'm not saying A's hair is tangle free 24/7. Just saying that the ease of brushing her hair is so much better.  Detangle Brush (1)
Update 3-17-16: This post was originally wrote back on 5-13-14. I just wanted you to know, we STILL use this brush for my daughter, and it's still her favorite. If for some reason at a friends house, she has to use a different brush, she will most definitely come home and tell me how much their brushes hurt. It's still a favorite and still used every single day, and I still highly recommend it !!

Pizza & Mother's Day

Pizza is obviously one of our favorite food groups around here. A. gets book bucks certificate for Pizza Hut for reading so much everyday at home through school. We ordered a taco pizza and she got a cheese personal pan. She stole some chips and mimicked our taco pizza.
pizza (1)

After my cousin's dance recital, we stopped at another favorite pizza place. Angelo's. Enough said. It's one of the best in my book. It was late after the recital and A. ended up falling asleep at the booth in her frog jammies. This was a bad cell phone selfie while we waited. 
pizza (2)

For Mother's Day we went to my brother's house for a cookout. Which was very nice. I love a picnic/cookout style for any form of gathering. I got up early that morning and read the paper and had one full cup of coffee before anyone else woke up. It was pure bliss. Usually my first cup gets reheated at least twice before I get to finish it. 
Mothers Day
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