Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shaklee's Natural Sunscreen

It's that time of year again. We need to slather on that SPF before going out. I've been through my sunscreen products that's for sure. I previously had only about 2 favorites. The rest either didn't work, were incredibly greasy or so thick it was impossible to rub in, or very expensive.

sunscreen (2)

I used Shaklee Enfuselle SPF 30 (Item #32565) last summer, and I was impressed. First and foremost, it was not greasy or thick, and it worked. It's so thin and light I can even wear it under my make up. I don't need to find a towel to wipe the slime off after applying it, sound familiar? It's lightly scented, just a typical sunscreen smell but so very subtle. It's a nice sunscreen smell. 

It's designed for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin, this patented, water resistant, oil-free sunscreen smoothes easily into your skin and absorbs quickly, without leaving a sticky residue. My daughter and I both have sensitive skin, and it does not irritate either one of us at all. 

shaklee enfuselle spf 30 
  • The formula offers broad spectrum protection and adds an extra defense against premature skin aging. 
  • It provides broad spectrum protection against both harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • Filters out sun's hard rays to protect against skin damage. 
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Nonirritating formula designed for sensitive skin.
  • Paraben free.
Just apply 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. Reapply at least every two hours, or after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating and immediately after towel drying. For children under six months, consult with a Doctor. 

Don't go to that beach or pool without good sun protection. You may quickly pick some up here.  Sign up as a Member and get yours at a discounted price. 
sunscreen (1) 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Plans

It seems like summer is already flying by and we've barely started our summer plans. We have small plans this year. To visit local museums that we've never taken time for, take some picnic lunches to new parks as well as old favorites and get some good public pool time in that we usually never have time for. We are setting the computer and phones aside and making time for the little things this summer. We do have tickets to the Barnum & Bailey Circus in a few months. All of A's summer programs have begun full force, but we've managed to fit in a few fun things. 

Playing in the sprinkler with neighbor kids.

Swimming in the bathtub since we haven't made it to a pool yet.

A selfie at the top of the playground equipment at the park having a snack.

A selfie on a short 4 1/2 mile bike ride. She still had lots of steam left too. We'd have went further, but she wanted to make it back to the park to play with this little boy that she gets along with really well.

A- calls these an actual "lollipop". She claims she's the only deprived child on earth whom has never had one. She would still be that same lonely child accept today I was wanting to make her a happy kiddo. In her tumbling class, there is one child that is not so nice. I don't like talking bad about other children, but this one is really not nice. She's very snotty to others, she pushes them for no apparent reason. So I've taught A- to sort of steer clear of her. After tumbling, they sometimes earn a candy treat. A- had hers sitting right next to her while she sat down to get her shoes on. This little girl come right up and took A-s smarties while she stared her down the whole time. By the time I asked A- if those were hers, and she answered me, this little girl was out the door and pulling away in her car. A clean getaway with the smarties. Leaving A- to tears. Of course, there were no smarties left. So although I attempted to explain nice people and mean people, this did little to make her feel better about her recent smarties theft. I do not allow much candy at our house. And I really dislike schools, libraries, etc treating everything with candy. I broke down and bought one of these damn gargantuan lollipops that I swore I'd never buy. 
She said "WOW, it's my first lollipop in my whole life! I've never ever had one" 
Then she says "When can I have another one?" 
I said "In another 6 years."
She shrugged her shoulders and said "That's what I thought."
But big smile and no tears.

Shaklee Laundry Products

I use Shaklee's Fresh Laundry Concentrate (Powder) (Item #00160) 14 lb box for my daily laundry. It washes 224 loads, and that works out to 18 cents per load. You only need a small amount per load because it's so powerful and concentrated. I think it washes better than any other laundry detergent I have tried. It's natural, biodegradable, concentrated, hypoallergenic, no phosphates and no chlorine.

I also use it with the Soft Fabric Concentrate, (Item #00307) which again takes so little per load it lasts forever and you get the softest clothes.

I treat stains with a combination of the Fresh Laundry Concentrate (Liquid) (Item #00066) and Nature Bright Laundry Booster & Stain Remover (Item #00305). I either mix a small amount of each with water in a spray bottle and spray on spots, or I mix it in the sink and soak the clothes items. Usually the stain is completely gone after soaking. I also use Nature Bright in my white loads to keep them bright. Nature Bright is natural, biodegradable, no phosphates and bleach free. I'll have to do a separate post on the many things you can use Nature Bright on aside from laundry. 

I tend to be a little impatient and always want things done quickly, so I never let this sit on as long as it should and the stains still come out nice. When I let it sit for a reasonable time frame, the stain usually comes out 100%. 

This is a pair of my husband's work jeans. I already sprayed that left leg when I remember to take a picture of it. I don't measure exactly, but I mixed about 1 tsp. of Nature Bright and 2 tsps of Fresh Laundry Liquid with 2 cups of water and spray it on these jeans and the pants I show below that. Then let it sit about 20 minutes before laundering like usual.

jeans (1)

jeans (2)

These are a pair of old warn out work jeans anyway, so although I don't need them to be super clean, I don't like to let the dirt build up either.
jeans (3)

jeans (4)

Grass stain on A's pants.
horse pants (1)

horse pants (2)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Small Town Fun Days

Don't you just love the small town fun days they provide. Sometimes they are better than big city festivals. I only have a couple of photo's to share because I didn't carry my camera around this year. Sometimes you feel 'out' of it when you take too many photo's, I feel like I enjoy the activities more if I leave the camera at home. It's hard to explain, but viewing it through the lens doesn't feel like you are enjoying it 'with' your kids so much. So I carried my pocket camera and only took a couple. 

Face painting is always one of her favorite things to have done.
face paint (1)

face paint (2)

A friend and I walked the 5K.

A small petting zoo at a conservation park. They had all kinds of fishing and games to do. This is a little too much face to face with a llama for me.
cons park (1)

cons park (2)

cons park (3)

Owl Pellets. This was sort of disgusting. All the kids loved it !  You basically root through owl puke to find the bones that wouldn't digest from the small creature it has eaten. A- had several skulls and bones in her pellet.
cons park (4)

Then you take it to a microscope and look at it much closer.
cons park (5)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


A- had her first t-ball game. It went very well, she seemed to really like it. More so than soccer, which she was not into very much. But this is how we find out, we try them all.

tball (2)

Them helmets are so wobbly.
tball (5)

Form needs a little work.
tball (3)

tball (4)

Apparently this is some kind of new 3rd base stance I was not previously aware of.
tball (6)

Love when we meet up with our buddies on the base !
tball (1)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shaklee Get Clean Examples

Shaklee's Get Clean products are nothing short of amazing. I've been using them for the past 5 years. I initially just wanted something that was safer to use in my home around my family. After using them, I was pleasantly surprised that they worked so much better than my other cleaning products and so much cheaper since Shaklee cleaning products are all concentrated. Being such a super concentrate, they last so long. Here are a few of the things I have cleaned recently. I felt silly putting the Before and After on the photo's, they are all so obvious. 

Although I use all Shaklee products for different things, all the below examples are cleaned with only 2 products. 
Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste Item #00430
Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate Item #00015

This is the kitchen floor at one of the rental houses we manage. I go in and clean in between each tenant. I just wanted to get a few marks off and realized how dirty the whole thing is.
I scrubbed the whole floor with Scour Off and then washed the floor with warm water and Basic H2.

This is the bathtub faucet at my own house. We have very hard water and this is what it will look like after a week or two. You can't just wipe it off either, hard water is a bear to deal with. Every week I spray the whole shower and tub with Basic H2 Degreaser strength, let it sit for 10 minutes and then lightly scrub with Scour Off. I scrub so effortlessly it's not even funny. It's more like gently wiping it with Scour Off.
faucet 2 redo

faucet 1 redo

This is the drain at an office I clean. This scum was all over every sink. It was hard and crusty and who knows how long it had been there. I let Basic H2 Degreaser strength sit on it for about 20 minutes and top it off with a Scour Off scrub. In all honesty, I did NOT think it would come off. I fully doubted Shaklee 100%. So happy they proved me wrong.

This is my husbands coffee mug. I know, GROSS. I promise I wash it everyday. I took a very small amount of Scour Off and after 2 seconds, look at that clean spot.
coffee mug

This photo was taken 3 days after this had healed a bit. I sprayed an oven with Easy Off Oven Cleaner all over the inside, not realizing one drop had splattered out. I had gloves on , but only going up to my wrist. About a half hour later I saw something foamy on my arm, I wipe it and was shocked to see a gaping 1/4" inch hole in my arm. A real hole. You could have held water in it. That was the last time for Easy Off and those horrible fumes that made me feel awful all afternoon. Not that you would want to, but you could spread Shaklee products all over your whole body and be just fine and safe.

I have since replaced my whole cleaning tote with Shaklee cleaners. So I got rid of about 15 products and only needed 3 Shaklee ones to do the same jobs. I soaked the inside with Basic H2 Degreaser strength, let it sit for half hour. Then used Scour Off.
oven 1

oven 2

This here is fabric paint. Ever used it? It's great stuff. We were making a t-shirt for A. one day when the nozzle got plugged. Since it was winter I was doing this project inside. I pressed my hand down on it, it didn't budge. I put a paper towel over it, placed it on the floor and pushed down with my hands. No go. I then put my knee on the tube and pressed. HOLY MOLEY this little tube can squirt paint 15' across the kitchen and living room !!  No joke.
purple paint (3)

See that word circled? It says Permanent. You know what Permanent means? It means this stuff doesn't want to take too long to dry before it never comes off and I don't see the deposit on this rented house ever again.
purple paint (4)

I knew to keep the paint wet. So I soaked my hard floor with Basic H2 All Purpose strength because that was the fullest bottle I had at the moment. The hard floor, file cabinet, wall and dishwasher all wiped up fairly easy, since they stayed wet longer. I then quick snapped only 2 photo's just in case Shaklee worked, but obviously even Shaklee can't work miracles right? Oh yes my dear friends, Shaklee does in fact work miracles. See below. I used Basic H2 full strength baby, no mixing and watering down for permanent paint mistakes. I seriously could not believe it came out. No way did I think it would. Thank you Shaklee. You saved my house deposit !! I owe you one.
paint 2

I think the Nature's Bright would have done well here, but I did not know about that product at this time. But it's done wonders to my stained laundry.
paint 1

Ever baked something in the oven that left hard crust on your dish? Ever fried something that left burnt marks on your pan? Because I know I never have. Actually, my name is not even close to Betty Crocker. So this is how I rectify it. I burn what I want. I spray it with Basic H2 Degreaser strength. I clean up the kitchen from supper, then I wipe it clean. Batta Bing Batta Boom.

Ok, this was NOT my bathtub. I swear to you it was not. We typically have good renters. But occasionally everyone gets a bad apple. A bad, dirty, rotten, stained, what did you do in this bathtub kind of apple. This job took several times of soaking in Basic H2 Degreaser strengh, then Basic H2 straight, and a couple rounds of Scour Off. She shines like the top of the Chrysler Building now.
tub 1

tub 2

tub 3

tub 4

Those few cleaning examples are only a fraction of what Basic H2 can do. And yet it's so gentle and safe, I even bathe my kid in it. By doing that, you get no residue in your tub and a squeaky clean kid. Although that last part is only temporary.

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