Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Plans

It seems like summer is already flying by and we've barely started our summer plans. We have small plans this year. To visit local museums that we've never taken time for, take some picnic lunches to new parks as well as old favorites and get some good public pool time in that we usually never have time for. We are setting the computer and phones aside and making time for the little things this summer. We do have tickets to the Barnum & Bailey Circus in a few months. All of A's summer programs have begun full force, but we've managed to fit in a few fun things. 

Playing in the sprinkler with neighbor kids.

Swimming in the bathtub since we haven't made it to a pool yet.

A selfie at the top of the playground equipment at the park having a snack.

A selfie on a short 4 1/2 mile bike ride. She still had lots of steam left too. We'd have went further, but she wanted to make it back to the park to play with this little boy that she gets along with really well.

A- calls these an actual "lollipop". She claims she's the only deprived child on earth whom has never had one. She would still be that same lonely child accept today I was wanting to make her a happy kiddo. In her tumbling class, there is one child that is not so nice. I don't like talking bad about other children, but this one is really not nice. She's very snotty to others, she pushes them for no apparent reason. So I've taught A- to sort of steer clear of her. After tumbling, they sometimes earn a candy treat. A- had hers sitting right next to her while she sat down to get her shoes on. This little girl come right up and took A-s smarties while she stared her down the whole time. By the time I asked A- if those were hers, and she answered me, this little girl was out the door and pulling away in her car. A clean getaway with the smarties. Leaving A- to tears. Of course, there were no smarties left. So although I attempted to explain nice people and mean people, this did little to make her feel better about her recent smarties theft. I do not allow much candy at our house. And I really dislike schools, libraries, etc treating everything with candy. I broke down and bought one of these damn gargantuan lollipops that I swore I'd never buy. 
She said "WOW, it's my first lollipop in my whole life! I've never ever had one" 
Then she says "When can I have another one?" 
I said "In another 6 years."
She shrugged her shoulders and said "That's what I thought."
But big smile and no tears.

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