Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bug Soother - Review

*** Update 6.24.17  :  This post was written in 2014. Since then 3 years ago, I have found another I like better, still natural, but more effective. You can see it here, Vanilla Bug Spray.

We have discovered Bug Soother this year. I have found that it works great, as in excellent, for the gnats. I think it works very good for mosquito's. Our mosquito's have been really REALLY bad this year. So on a normal skeeter year, I'd probably say it would work excellent too. But given our heavy skeeter's this year, it did a heck of a job on them. 

It's a blend of vanilla and fresh lemony scents. I love the smell, I don't mind dousing myself in it at all. It doesn't leave that oily residue either. 

I have used it for home and regular outdoorsy use. My husband has used it out at the farm he works at, near corn, crops and weeds where bug thrive. He said it was awesome. My nephew took it detasseling with him, another bug infested area. He loved it as well and thought it works great.

It's Deet Free, safe for children and pets, it's a natural product that qualified as an EPA exempted product.

bug soother

Ingredient List:
An essential oil blend of Lemongrass, Lemon and Vanilla with distilled water, Castor Oil, Soya Lecithin (natural insect repellants) and Vitamin E. 


  1. We love it too!! My only grievance is you have to reapply every 15-20 min., but it doesn't bother me too much when it's all natural.

    1. Yep, me too. The all natural and good smell overrides the frequent application.


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