Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shaklee Cleans Car Seat

This car seat cover was getting pretty gross looking. Just washing it (prior to using Shaklee laundry products) did not do the trick. Here's what Shaklee did to it. 

I filled the sink with Nature Bright Laundry Booster & Stain Remover Item #00305 and Fresh Laundry Regular Scent Concentrate Liquid Item #00066. I let it sit and soak for several hours. I then wash it with my regular clothes in Fresh Laundry Concentrate Powder Item #00156. Only using 1 oz. of powder to wash a whole load. A little definitely goes a long way.

Here is the before and after.
carseat (1)

carseat (2)


  1. Amazing! The laundry detergent is my favorite product of theirs I think. Well, maybe second to Basic H. I haven't tried the stain remover yet but I need to!

    1. My favorite part is not scrubbing. Dump it in, soak and wash. I do nothing. Love that ! I just need to find a better spot in this house to take photo's, the lightening is horrible. And apparently I need to wash that thing more often, kinda gross.


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