Saturday, July 26, 2014

Shaklee's Dish Washer Automatic Concentrate

One of my absolute favorite products by Shaklee is the Dish Washer Automatic Concentrate, Item #00295. I think I have tried every single dish washer detergent made my mankind. Tried them all and was never overly impressed them any. I even tried the homemade versions you find all over the internet. Never liked them at all. 

Since I was trying Shaklee products the last several years anyway, I thought I'd give theirs a try. Finally! Finally a good one. And oh do I mean good. I. Love. It. Period.  It's a concentrate, so like all other cleaning products it lasts a very long time and you need so little. It amazes me that such a little amount works so well. 

I don't rinse my dishes at all. I only scrape chunks off into the garbage and in the dish washer it goes. I wash everything on the "normal" setting, rarely using heavy duty wash cycle. A regular wash cycle with this Shaklee detergent works great. Never been so happy or impressed. As a matter of fact, I ran out once. I would not purchase another brand to get me by. Instead I washed them by hand until I ordered more. Of course, I wash them by hand with Shaklee's Dish Wash Concentrate, Item #00255 which I also love.

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