Friday, July 4, 2014

This and That

Just a little catching up. I hate, and I mean hate when mornings start out like this. The mug has to actually be under the coffee drip in order to catch it.


Going out to eat for a very late and combined Mother's and Father's day supper.

Completely exhausted after swimming all afternoon at a friends pool. This was about 2 minutes after leaving their house.

Earlier this week we had some big storms that produced heavy rain. We had quite a bit of flooding and lots of corn down. The water was across the road on several parts of my route that I walk in the mornings. This is our soccer field to the right of the picture, the park play equipment towards the back. Not seen in picture there was 1 1/2 of the ball fields under water too.

A- has so much fun camping with her friend A-. They hadn't seen each other since school got out, so a sleepover was much needed. And the camping part was a cool bonus.
silly glasses

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