Friday, September 5, 2014

Park Picnic Play Date

Love going to parks, but love it more when you include a picnic !!  Just doesn't get any better and cheaper than that. 

We grabbed a friend and met my Mom and Dad at the park. Cooked up some dogs. (Hot dogs). Had chips, salads. Then let the fun and playing begin. Great weather day too. 

friends at park (1)

Sand. Water. Toys. Play ground. Room to run. Woods. Campgrounds. Trails.
friends at park (2)

friends at park (3)

Strike a pose Madonna girl !  I'm so glad she's growing up weird. It's a top quality no one should be without.
friends at park (4)

Fishing with string stick poles.
friends at park (5)

friends at park (6)

Just enough of a breeze to blow hair into a mustache in every single picture I tried like this. I took about 6.
friends at park (7)

Called it good here. Actually A's friend L- said "NO MORE PICTURE'S, this is your last one".  Apparently she doesn't know me quite well enough yet.
friends at park (8)

A 'last one' doesn't exist in my vocabulary.
friends at park (9)

friends at park (10)

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