Friday, January 30, 2015

Reading Round Up

Ashlyn's new school had the cutest program ever to kick off their 2nd half of the year reading program. It was all cowboy/western related. The kids dressed the principal up as the sheriff and they all got sworn in as deputies and promised to read every night. Each room was set up with different activities, and your group switch about every 20 minutes or so. They had barrel racing, horse shoes, shuffle board, listened to stories, dancing, did several was very fun. We ended our stay with lunch with the kids, then we went home and they had more fun that day. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Basic H Does It Again

Ashlyn spilled grape cough medicine on Grandma's white shirt. Oops. She said it was an old shirt, it was no big deal. I asked her if I could test out Shaklee on it.

moms shirt (1)

I just rubbed Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate on the spot full strength. Let it sit overnight. Threw it in the wash the next day.
moms shirt (2)

It came out clean as can be. Nothing remaining of the stain at all.
moms shirt (3)

Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothee

Shaklee 180 energizing smoothie's are one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep me going during tax preparation and year end time.

This is one of my favorites!  It offers a complete and balanced meal. Which is nice, when I want to skip lunch to keep working. I mainly like this one because it comes in strawberry flavor, it works well with fresh or frozen fruit.  More importantly it offer you non-GMO soy protein or whey protein and fiber to help keep you feeling full longer while added leucine helps your body retain muscle so your metabolism can power on as the inches come off. Though I'm not trying to lose weight or following a weight loss program, I just think they simply taste darn good. And they are good for me. 

  • 1 Packet Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothie Mix (or 2 scoops if using canister)
  • 1 cup or so Coconut Milk
  • 1 cup or so fresh or frozen fruit
  • 1 extra fresh banana
  • 1 TBS Chia Seeds (sometimes I toss in flax seeds too)
shaklee shake

Key Points on the 180 Energizing Smoothees
  • Non-GMO Soy or Whey protein, in packets or a canister, Soy comes in many flavors
  • Low Glycemic
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives added
  • Gluten free
  • 24 grams of hunger fighting protein when prepared as directed
  • 6 grams of fiber
  • Powered by Leucine
  • 23 vitamins and minerals

Few Things

Ashlyn is getting an eye for a good picture. She was in the living watching TV while I got my coffee and such. She was up waaay to early. I like to have at least one cup of coffee before anyone else gets up. Anyhow, she yells "MOM, you better get in here and take a picture of this, I think you're going to like it!" Even that early, there was a pretty tree reflection on the skating rink.


We can never ever build another snowman without these words flooding my head...
Do you want to build a snowman? Come on let's go and play!

Snow Snow Go Away, Come Again Another Day.
I'm waiting for the first warmish day where they don't do the 3 legged frozen foot walk and we'll be going to check out the dog park near us. 
dogs snow go away

Lost her 3rd tooth. One of the front ones. This sucker held on good. For well over a month. I pulled it out and couldn't believe how hard I had to pull.
front tooth 1 (1)

front tooth 1 (2)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I think we are due for a fire after all those cold snowy icy pictures. A whole bag of marshmallows has to be somehow healthy for supper, right?

IMG_9999_3 (2)

IMG_9999_1 (2)

IMG_9999_5 (2)

Ice Skating

Right behind our backyard one of the holes to the golf course, with a pond. In the winter, they clear it off for ice skating. Since we are beginners we thought we'd start off with our boots and ease into it. 

Skating (1)

Skating (2)

Skating (3)

Skating (4)

Shaklee Bubbles

In this post, I referred to Shaklee's Basic H2 cleaner and it's many uses. I mentioned that I bathe my kid in it as well. Someone recently made the comment to me "you can't be serious". But I am, it's so safe, organic and natural and gentle on skin. I use it to bathe my dogs as well.

Both Ashlyn and I have skin sensitivities to many lotions and soaps. We've never had a problem since using Basic H2. And it cleans your tub as well, as opposed to dirtying it up with soap scum. It's a win win. Squeaky clean kid and tub. 

I can use it on any surface and our skin because it's safe and natural.  It's nontoxic, natural, superconcentrated (as in super duper), no phosphates and biodegradable surfactants. It's sustainably sourced ingredients are derived from corn and coconuts. It does not contain phosphates, dyes, toxins, toxic fumes, hazardous chemicals, fragrance or chlorine. The packaging is recyclable. What a great bonus for our planet. 

And, this could be the most important factor in Basic H history, it creates some major kick-a@@ bubbles in our new tub with jets. We even had to tone them down.

Shaklee Bubbles (1)

Shaklee Bubbles (2)
After we figured out how to use the jets that is. I thought the water just had to clear the holes in the tub and that you just hit the button. Whereas, technically, if you do not check the setting it was last on and you do not let it fill up completely before turning them on....the water will shoot out of there in the air like a fire-hose with an intense force. And your daughter will get mad when you laugh so hard you can't stop after that happens.

First Day at new School

Ashlyn was so very nervous to start a new school. She makes friends easily, but any change is always hard and making all new friends is different and a new one here and there from the park and such. When we registered her, everyone was very nice. We briefly met her teacher and she seems great. She's got a much larger number of kids in her grade than she's used to, but they keep the class sizes small which she is used to.

Her first day at school. A sparkly outfit and freshly painted pink nails. What else do you need?
First Day at New School (1)

One of the big changes is her day is starting much earlier and last much later than she's used to. Here we are waiting for the bus. We were out about 10 minutes early so we didn't miss it on the first day.
First Day at New School (2)

Daylight came pretty quick. But it was -2 degrees on her first day and -18 on her second day. Brrr. We waited in the warm running car on the second day.
First Day at New School (3)

She was so excited about riding the bus. It was everything she thought it would be. She loved it. The bus driver is very nice as well.
First Day at New School (4)

She had a great first day and talked quite bit about it in a very happy positive manner. She told me about everything that was the same and different from her old to new school. She was ready to go back the second day so that's good. She's got 5 kids in her class that have the same name as kids in her previous class, so she thought that was pretty neat. Even though she was quite nervous and shy, she thought the "new kid" treatment was pretty cool and wanted to know how long she gets to be the new kid. 

We Moved


We used this postcard years ago when we moved and it's still my favorite one. Everything went well. Thanks to our moving helpers. You know who you are, thank you very much. We appreciate it. We got moved before any snow hit at either location. So that was a relief. 

About 2 days later, we got the snow. In both locations too. Ashlyn wanted to play in it, but I hadn't quite found all the winter attire yet. And even though it looks cold, it really wasn't too bad.
First Real Snow (1)

We even took the dogs for a walk down our street.
First Real Snow (2)

Tumbling Class

Just a few picture's from Ashlyn's last tumbling class before we move. The wonderful people here gave me the name of some gym's that will be near our new town. We will be checking them out after we get settled. She really does love this class.

Tumbling (1)

Tumbling (2)

Tumbling (3)

Tumbling (4)

Tumbling (5)

Tumbling (6)

Tumbling (7)

Tumbling (8)


Once we made the decision to move on Dec. 8th, we made Dec 31st our moving date. Given it was Christmas time and it's busy anyway, things moved rapidly while packing in between everything else. I 'wanted' to have a big sleepover or party for Ashlyn and her friends. I really wanted to have the exact Christmas party (Party at the North Pole) that Kelle Hampton (from Enjoying the Small Things blog) did, so much fun, so much Christmas magic involved, what a great last party too. But lack of time and packing and taking care of business and loose ends zapped my Christmas magic and it just wasn't physically possible to do. My expectations were too big. So the next best have a small casual sleepover with your two besties.

sleepover (1)

Gingerbread houses were a better hit than I was expecting them to be !
sleepover (2)

They worked on them for 2 1/2 hours.
sleepover (3)

Concentrating on every detail.
sleepover (4)

Getting the perfect pattern down.
sleepover (5)

And then...
sleepover (6)

it ended when...
sleepover (7)

frosting turned into breakfast !!!!
sleepover (8)

sleepover (9)

sleepover (10)

sleepover (11)

Lot's of dress up. Tweaking a few old bridesmaid dresses works great for this.
sleepover (12)

And here are the besties.
sleepover (13)

The 3 Musketeers.
sleepover (14)

That we will miss. That took over my home. That I gladly sent Ashlyn to theirs. That I loved getting hugs from. That I loved hearing giggles in the other room from.
sleepover (15)

That we will make time to visit when we come back home. That I liked the parents of just as much as Ashlyn liked them. That will always be first besties no matter where life leads us. Thank you silly girls, for being a part of Ashy's young circle of friends.
sleepover (16)

Christmas Day

Do you know that paper is about the best gift you could get these two. They love it !  Makes a mess but Christmas morning is a mess anyway. 

Christmas paper

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