Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I think we are due for a fire after all those cold snowy icy pictures. A whole bag of marshmallows has to be somehow healthy for supper, right?

IMG_9999_3 (2)

IMG_9999_1 (2)

IMG_9999_5 (2)


  1. That's a nice fireplace!! (I'm home half day for a Dr. appt. if you're curious why I'm posting now) :D Fires are the BEST for warming up on a cold day.

    1. I did wonder on that late morning post, then thought I was nosey for wondering that, then you explained why anyway. lol I do LOVE the fireplace. I'm disliking the very high ceiling in here. It's past vaulted, more like cathedral. So all of the heat goes up obviously. The wood ceilings are beautiful, but even with the ceiling fan blowing it down, they suck from an efficiency and warmth standpoint. Just a mental note to keep in mind when we start house shopping in the next year or so. The indoor s'mores are definitely a bonus though !!


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