Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ice Skating

Right behind our backyard one of the holes to the golf course, with a pond. In the winter, they clear it off for ice skating. Since we are beginners we thought we'd start off with our boots and ease into it. 

Skating (1)

Skating (2)

Skating (3)

Skating (4)


  1. I am so jealous--that is AWESOME!! We love ice skating. I'm too scared to take the kids on our lake but a couple of times some flood water (just a foot or so deep) has frozen in the park making a perfect and safe pond.

    1. I probably wouldn't do it either if it was a lake, even though everyone has their vehicles and huts on the lake for ice fishing. I'm only comfortable because it's a little golf pond. Can't wait to get a pair of ice skates and try it for real !! Probably won't be taking videos, as I'm sure it won't be graceful.


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