Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shaklee Scour Off

Shaklee's Scour Off is one of those little inexpensive miracle pastes that I couldn't be without. Ashlyn accidentally got a mark of crayon on her brand new Elsa doll. You can imagine the devastation as she came to me with tears and wanted to know if we could get it off. After quickly rubbing it with a rag that did nothing and I didn't think it would. I reached for the Scour Off, and had just enough on the rag so you could barely see there was some there. Gently wiped the leg a few times and BAM, gone. Brand new again. Easy Peasy. 

Ashlyn said "Thank you Shaklee Thank you Shaklee Thank you Shaklee" as she danced around the room with Elsa.  So I of course asked if we could recapture that enthusiasm in a video. Of course she got quiet and shy knowing it was ending up on the blog.

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