Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Once we made the decision to move on Dec. 8th, we made Dec 31st our moving date. Given it was Christmas time and it's busy anyway, things moved rapidly while packing in between everything else. I 'wanted' to have a big sleepover or party for Ashlyn and her friends. I really wanted to have the exact Christmas party (Party at the North Pole) that Kelle Hampton (from Enjoying the Small Things blog) did, so much fun, so much Christmas magic involved, what a great last party too. But lack of time and packing and taking care of business and loose ends zapped my Christmas magic and it just wasn't physically possible to do. My expectations were too big. So the next best thing...to have a small casual sleepover with your two besties.

sleepover (1)

Gingerbread houses were a better hit than I was expecting them to be !
sleepover (2)

They worked on them for 2 1/2 hours.
sleepover (3)

Concentrating on every detail.
sleepover (4)

Getting the perfect pattern down.
sleepover (5)

And then...
sleepover (6)

it ended when...
sleepover (7)

frosting turned into breakfast !!!!
sleepover (8)

sleepover (9)

sleepover (10)

sleepover (11)

Lot's of dress up. Tweaking a few old bridesmaid dresses works great for this.
sleepover (12)

And here are the besties.
sleepover (13)

The 3 Musketeers.
sleepover (14)

That we will miss. That took over my home. That I gladly sent Ashlyn to theirs. That I loved getting hugs from. That I loved hearing giggles in the other room from.
sleepover (15)

That we will make time to visit when we come back home. That I liked the parents of just as much as Ashlyn liked them. That will always be first besties no matter where life leads us. Thank you silly girls, for being a part of Ashy's young circle of friends.
sleepover (16)

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  1. Those are Great pictures!!! We miss you guys too. Hope to see you soon.


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