Thursday, April 16, 2015

Shaklee Outperforms Two Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

I am so excited to post this. You all know how happy I get about a good cleaner anyway. This is nothing short of amazing. A-MAZE-ZING !  

In between each tenant in the rental houses we manage, the carpets are always cleaned, sanitized and deodorized. This one particular house had a tenant move out. So we called in our professional carpet cleaning company. We use 2 different ones. They got overall clean, but a couple of stubborn stains lingered. Another tenant moved in, and moved out only a couple months later. We called the other company that we use, hoping they could get the stains out. The 2 stubborn stains did not come out after 2 professional carpet cleaners. 

I figured if they couldn't get it out, no way in hell could Shaklee's cleaners get it out. Not possible. I mean, the pro's have all the chowabunga machine's in their van, super cleaners, super suction and all. 

Who knew you yourself could clean your carpets better than the pro's, naturally and safely? Shaklee knew, that's who. Another reason why I believe in them so strongly.

I mixed up my Shaklee cleaners (explained below photo's), let them sit on the stains all day, rinsed, blotted and let dry. To my delight and overjoyed excitement, the stains actually came out. After doing a happy dance by myself in this empty renal house, I was absolutely thrilled because it looks so much better. But also because I just couldn't believe they came out. It was so easy. And SO cheap. I only used about a teaspoon of each product. BAM !!! Clean.

Have a little looksy for yourself. 

Not sure what this stain was. I almost forgot to take a before picture. This one is already soaked with cleaner. So it's lighter already than it initially was.
Carpet Brown Spot

Close up of same stain.
Carpet Brown Spot close

This one was not very dark, but it was right in the center of the floor. Which is never a good spot for a stain.
Carpet Middle

Products used are from Shaklee's Get Clean line:

How I did it.
I dumped a little of each in about 2 cups of water. By dumped, I probably used about 1 teaspoon of each product. Mixed until dissolved. Soaked each spot well. Let sit for several hours. Rinsed until no more suds. Blotted. Let dry. Vacuumed. 

Please note: it says "not for use on carpet and rugs" right on the Nature Bright package. But I've always done a test spot before proceeding with any stain. And since I kind of like to live on the edge a little, I just do it anyway. Because I'm a rebel like that. So I do recommend you try a test spot first as well. And if you choose not to because your a rebel too, hey you didn't hear it from this site !!!

Do you have trouble getting stains out of carpet or laundry?  Would you like to be able to breathe while you clean with natural cleaners that truly work and will save you money? 

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