Wednesday, May 27, 2015

School Musical

Ashlyn had her first ever musical/play at school. First time they had their own lines. They all did great. Ashlyn was very nervous and was glad she only had the one line. Which she recited just as she was supposed to. 

musical (1)

musical (2)

Quick picture on the way to the car afterwards.
musical (3)

Which turned into a quick picture with Grandma & Grandpa.
musical (4)

Then with Mom & Dad. Notice how we are all three looking 'over there', even though there was only one person taking the picture right in front of us. Odd.
musical (5)

Then a friend was walking to her car, so we got their quick picture too.
musical (6)

Love this one. Cute!
musical (7)

Camping - Johnson State park

A couple of weeks ago we went camping for the first time. Well, the first time in a VERY long time anyway. We had a great time. Very relaxing. It's about the only thing that forces us to stop working, running, doing, fixing, cleaning.....we went to Johnson State Park.

We've taken family picture's at this place before and there are so many pretty areas. We put away all electronics and gadgets and brought out the frisbee, puzzles and making up outside games, going on walks, playing on the play equipment, roasting everything over the fire, throwing sticks and rocks in the water, rolling down hills.

camping (1)

Found a hiking stick and she's ready to go. Glad she's always ready to explore and likes walks, hikes and bike rides like I do. Pretty green scenery in every direction.
camping (2)

This was the coolest cluster of tree's. So many good shots from so many angles. Notice the heart shape on the front one.
camping (3)

All the tree's are just gorgeous here. Wish I'd have had my big camera with me.
camping (4)

Hammin it up !
camping (5)

camping (6)

We camp in an open area for campers but tent campers camp here in these super tall tree's. It's the coolest looking area ever. I do believe campers can fit in a few spots here.
camping (7)

This little guy followed us for awhile.
camping (8)

They have clean, wide, decent trails. We didn't go very far this time, but plan to next time.
camping (9)

Taken a break before getting a piggy back ride part of the way back. As you are on the trails or on the road that circles the lake, there are a few areas where you can pull over and picnic.
camping (10)

Love these tall tree's.I think a family picture right on this road would be amazing.
camping (11)

camping (12)

Although it looks neat when there are tons of tenters here, it was kind of fun for the kids to play in these tree's when no one was camping.
camping (13)

These guys even got to go !
camping (14)

And boy did they enjoy the fresh air and all the walking in this dog friendly campground.
camping (15)

Lot's of time spend around the fire.
camping (16)

Even looking at one more of these and I'm going to puke !
camping (17)

There was a restaurant but we didn't make it over to that. We love grilling out and using the campfire, so restaurant for us is pretty much only when it rains us out. They also have a bait shop near the restaurant and boat launch. There is also a play structure for the kids to play on, but as a bad blogger, I did not bring my camera as I didn't want to drop it play with the kids on it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Shaklee Skin Care - Love Your Skin

Skin care is something I automatically do every single day, but it's something I forget to talk about. When I was younger I probably didn't take care of my skin the best. As with many of us when we are young. I decided in my 30's that's it's never too late to start. 

I got away from the tanning beds, protect my skin when out in the sun, wash and moisturize my skin everyday with good quality products. As we know, skin care is just as much about what we consume, as well as how we take care of it on the outside. This post is about taking care of it from the outside. We all know we should eat healthy nutritious foods and drink plenty of water. 

I never really did have problem skin, other than being sensitive to certain products. Especially your average over the counter products. Many of the common brand names would make my skin red and irritated. So I've always used products recommended by a dermatologist because they were really good and much more gentle on my skin. 

When I discovered Shaklee 5 or 6 years ago, I was hesitant to try their skin care just because of the trouble I've had before. I finally gave in and tried the face wash and lotions for morning and evening routines. 

I was not disappointed and discontinued my dermatologist brand immediately. I loved this stuff. And like the cleaning products, it's takes just a drop so it last forever !!  The face wash and lotions last me probably about 6 - 8 months.

Click on the links below to check out each individual products and their health benefits.

Shaklee Enfuselle Skin Care
Shaklee Enfuselle Skin Care

Shaklee Body & Daily Care
Shaklee Body Care

Shaklee ProSante Hair Care
Shaklee Prosante Hair Care

Shaklee Baby Care
Shaklee Baby

Please let me know if you have any questions. These are all products you probably already use now, these particular ones are just a different brand. It's a brand I know, love and trust whole heatedly.

Ellie the Elephant Gets Basic H2 Bath

I will keep this short and sweet. I will TRY to keep this short and sweet. I get chatty when it comes to my Rockstar cleaners.

So Ashlyn found this stuffed animal at a garage sale. She said she HAD to have it. It had permanent marker all over it. She spent her own quarter on it, and she now has a million and one stuffed animals. 

I fully warned her, the writing was for good. She didn't care. 

We get home and I of course want to wash it because it had belonged to someone else. I thought before I do, just for shit's and giggles, let's just put a little Basic H2 on the writing. I mean, really, what can it hurt. Speaking of shit's and giggles, that's the dumbest phrase I've ever heard. Who would put those 2 words together to mean, 'just out of curiosity'. 

Anyway, told you this would be short. NOT.  So we covered the writing on Ellie the Elephant (Ellie was the name written on the foot) with Shaklee's Basic H2 full strength and let her sit for about an hour before washing. 
elephant (1)

This was after the first wash. Not bad at all considering I didn't seriously think it would even fade any of it. We put more Basic H2 on Ellie and let her sit for 4-5 hours. It was permanent marker after all.
elephant (2)

It nearly all came out. Just a little remaining on the right bum cheek. We'll get that next washing. I was amazed. Truly amazed.
elephant (3)

The before and after of Ellie the Elephant.

Basic H2 is just one of those all around fantastic products. It has sooooo many uses. The best part, it's incredibly inexpensive. One bottle usually last's the average person 8 months to a year.  I use it on any surface and any cloth. And of course, safe and non toxic and all the good stuff too !

Back At It

I think I am finally getting caught back up. While I was sick I didn't take one picture or come up with one single blog post. Just let it all go.  

We've not been doing much, just typical 'stuff'. The rental properties grass has been growing at the speed of light, so mowing has consumed much of our time. 

We had Ashlyn's Reading Carnival at school last week and it was so much fun. With great weather. I got to help with the popcorn, snow cone and cotton candy booth. As you can imagine, it was a BUSY one. And sticky! Oh my goodness, you ever ran those flavored quirt bottles for the snow cones? Well, that bucket of water the nice teacher placed there was much appreciated ! It was fun, the kids had fun, I love helping with that event. If you remember last year, Ashlyn's name got drawn to throw a pie in a teachers face. See that video here. Well this year, she got chosen again. And the teacher was the wife of the teacher she did last year. And it's her current teacher as well. BUT I didn't hear her name called, so by the time I saw her up there, I had no time to get my camera/video ready. So I have nothing from it. But hoping the teacher that was taking picture's will post them so I can have a few.

Getting my sneaks back on and in motion. While sick with that deep chest cough thing, it was pretty difficult to breathe, so I took several weeks off from any form of exercise to hack my lungs up. Feeling better now. Signed a good friend and I up for our first 5K of the year coming up soon. We'll be walking it. Need to get back in the swing of running again. I slack off in the winter. Especially this winter with our move to WI and back. I'm a weenie when it gets below 30 degree's. So their -18 was no where near my comfort zone. 

run feet

This is late, but I hope all you Mama's out there had a great day on Mother's Day. I don't have a nice recent picture of Ashlyn and I. Heck I probably don't have any recent one of us, let alone nice. But this is always one that I liked from when she was 2. We were at a park and we balanced the camera on the picnic basket and quick ran and laid down for an auto timer shot. 

mom ash
Hope you all are healthy, well and have a great day. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Been Sick

Hello everyone!  Did you miss me?  We've all been very sick the last several weeks. This is my 3rd week of a horrible chest cough thing. I've given many things the brush off for these past few weeks. 


Starting to feel better. So hope to get some new posts going soon. Anyone else been sick? Boy this was a doozy!

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