Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ellie the Elephant Gets Basic H2 Bath

I will keep this short and sweet. I will TRY to keep this short and sweet. I get chatty when it comes to my Rockstar cleaners.

So Ashlyn found this stuffed animal at a garage sale. She said she HAD to have it. It had permanent marker all over it. She spent her own quarter on it, and she now has a million and one stuffed animals. 

I fully warned her, the writing was for good. She didn't care. 

We get home and I of course want to wash it because it had belonged to someone else. I thought before I do, just for shit's and giggles, let's just put a little Basic H2 on the writing. I mean, really, what can it hurt. Speaking of shit's and giggles, that's the dumbest phrase I've ever heard. Who would put those 2 words together to mean, 'just out of curiosity'. 

Anyway, told you this would be short. NOT.  So we covered the writing on Ellie the Elephant (Ellie was the name written on the foot) with Shaklee's Basic H2 full strength and let her sit for about an hour before washing. 
elephant (1)

This was after the first wash. Not bad at all considering I didn't seriously think it would even fade any of it. We put more Basic H2 on Ellie and let her sit for 4-5 hours. It was permanent marker after all.
elephant (2)

It nearly all came out. Just a little remaining on the right bum cheek. We'll get that next washing. I was amazed. Truly amazed.
elephant (3)

The before and after of Ellie the Elephant.

Basic H2 is just one of those all around fantastic products. It has sooooo many uses. The best part, it's incredibly inexpensive. One bottle usually last's the average person 8 months to a year.  I use it on any surface and any cloth. And of course, safe and non toxic and all the good stuff too !

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