Friday, June 19, 2015

Park Hopping

Today I had planned to get a little work done, some laundry and some errands. While out for one of my errands, I realized how incredibly nice it was outside today. Given the warm, humid, rainy days we've had lately, it seemed even extra nice. Soooo we said to heck with work, it will be there tomorrow along with tomorrow's work. We packed a lunch and had a picnic at a park a few towns over. Then stopped at 2 more parks on our way back. One we've never stopped at, so how cool is stopping at a new park. 

park hopping (1)

park hopping (2)

park hopping (3)

park hopping (4)

park hopping (5)

park hopping (6)

Do you ever toss work out the window on a nice day for some fun plans in order to enjoy the good weather?  I don't usually, but I just got a little crazy today !!!

Hope you enjoyed the nice day today if your area had one.

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