Saturday, July 11, 2015


Just a few fireworks and fun afterwards. Decent weather this year. Could have done without all the millions of skeeters though. 

fireworks (1)

fireworks (2)

fireworks (3)

fireworks (4)

fireworks (5)

fireworks (6)

fireworks (7)

fireworks (8)

Cute little pyro in pigtails.
fireworks (9)

fireworks (10)

5K and Fun Run

Another activities in a nearby town. A 5K and 1 mile Fun Run for the kids. 

Ashlyn is there on the end.
5K, Fun Run (1)

Then she moved back to be by a buddy.
5K, Fun Run (2)

They are off !
5K, Fun Run (3)

5K, Fun Run (4)

5K, Fun Run (5)

Tina and I.
5K, Fun Run (6)

Do you think in 10 years it will still be just as cool to dress like her Mom when she's 17?
5K, Fun Run (7)

There we are in the middle, blue shirts. To prove we did it.
5K, Fun Run (8)

And coming in to finish. We walked it, no need to time it, we laugh and have fun.
5K, Fun Run (9)


This is the first year Ashlyn has done the Streetscape at a nearby town for some of their 4th of July activities. She had lots of fun, better make it a yearly event. 

Streetscape (1)

Streetscape (2)

Streetscape (3)

Streetscape (4)

Streetscape (5)

Looks like trouble. But fun trouble.
Streetscape (6)

Played with friends afterwards.
Streetscape (7)

Streetscape (8)

Cutest little guy ever.
Streetscape (9)

My size?

Sure wish these came in my size.

frog in crocs (1)

frog in crocs (2)


Tried a super duper easy cake the other day and brought it to our 4th of July. Mix an angel food cake mix with a can of crushed pineapple (with juice), bake at 350 for half an hour or until top if golden brown like a regular angel food cake. I used a 9x13 pan. We just topped it with Cool Whip. Apparently it was good, this was the only piece I had left to photograph. 


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