Friday, August 28, 2015

Rapsil Garden Hose Nozzle - Review

I recently used a new hose nozzle.  The Rapsil Garden Hose Nozzle. You know how just a hose or just one spray doesn't always cut it sometimes.  The first good thing about this one is it's durable metal construction. Not a plastic one that will crack the first time you drop it. The handle does have a rubber grip.  The lime green color on it makes it automatically cool. 


The lime green knobby is the water flow adjuster. The silver hook towards the bottom holds the handle down so you don't have to squeeze it the whole time. Nice for watering flowers or gardens. 

The spray settings are: Jet, Center, Mist, Shower, Rinse, Flat, Soaker and Cone. I had waaay too much fun playing with these. They are really good. You know how some just suck. Well this one does not. Each setting was really good and did what it was supposed to.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tea Tree Oil - Review

I recently tried Tea Tree Oil in my beauty routine.  I added a couple of drops to my shampoo, face wash, face lotion and body lotion. It's supposed to help clear up any problematic skin. I do not have problematic skin, but it did give it an extra softness. I loved it in my shampoo. It seemed to strip my hair of all the day to day products we use. It was like giving my hair a fresh start everyday. 

What was really nice, was that it has a dropper. I find liquid items are extremely difficult to just get a tiny bit of product. They get very messy and it causes unnecessary waste. So this dropper style was fantastic. I also added a few drops to witch hazel and I used it for an astringent, which works really well to keep your face super clean and clear!

It is 100% pure and natural. No additives.

tea tree oil

Have you ever tried this? How have you used it? 

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. 


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shania Twain Concert

So this friend of mine and I, will call in and win concert tickets and then invite the other to go. We've gotten quite a few over the years. It's always such a nice fun girl time out. The latest was Shania Twain.  None of the concert photo's turn out well, due to the size of camera's they allow in and the crazy bright lighting and not sitting real close. So ya get what ya get. Although I was allowed to bring my DSLR in a Martina McBride concert once and got some great ones. On to Shania.

Shania Concert (1)

Got this picture off the internet. So credit goes to someone else, just don't know who.
Shania Concert (1a)

Shania Concert (2)

Gavin DeGraw opened. Hadn't heard of him before. He was ok.
Shania Concert (3)

Was a full house at the Iwireless that night.
Shania Concert (4)

Shania Concert (5)

Shania Concert (6)

Shania Concert (7)

Shania Concert (8)

Some crazy and amazing lighting.
Shania Concert (9)

Shania Concert (10)

Shania Concert (11)

Very intense lighting Made it impossible for my camera to focus. I'm sure that the point of some of it, don't ya think.
Shania Concert (12)

Oh yea, some pretty good pyro too.
Shania Concert (13)

Shania Concert (14)

Shania Concert (15)

All in all, was a very good show. Can't wait to see who we win next. I think it's my turn to win. The pressure is on.

First Fish

While camping awhile back, we took Ashlyn fishing. Finally. For basically the first time. She got the hang of casting faster than we expecting. It took ALLLLLL day, but she finally caught one!  So we made her reel that sucker in all by herself. 

fishing (1)

fishing (2)

fishing (3)

fishing (4)

fishing (5)

She could see fish here, and was basically trying to ram the whole rod down their throats.
fishing (6)

fishing (7)

fishing (8)

Here it is !!
fishing (9)

First fish caught all by herself.
fishing (10)

fishing (11)

Someone needs to switch their shoes a little more often.
fishing (12)

fishing (13)

Aquarium & Museum

We also visited the Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium this summer. It was a great place for her age, and wasn't too big or too small. Spent a good half day there. She liked the aquarium portion best. 

Museum Aquarium (1)

Museum Aquarium (7)

Museum Aquarium (10)

Museum Aquarium (15)

Museum Aquarium (19)

Museum Aquarium (22)

The 4D theater.
Museum Aquarium (27)

Museum Aquarium (43)

Museum Aquarium (52)

Museum Aquarium (56)

Monkey Joe's

Ashlyn brought a friend and we went to Monkey Joe's this summer for fun. Holy cow, did they wear themselves out !! We actually hit a day that wasn't too busy. Score !

monkey joes (8)

monkey joes (1)

monkey joes (2)

monkey joes (3)

monkey joes (4)

monkey joes (5)

monkey joes (6)

monkey joes (7)

monkey joes (9)

monkey joes (10)

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