Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Fish

While camping awhile back, we took Ashlyn fishing. Finally. For basically the first time. She got the hang of casting faster than we expecting. It took ALLLLLL day, but she finally caught one!  So we made her reel that sucker in all by herself. 

fishing (1)

fishing (2)

fishing (3)

fishing (4)

fishing (5)

She could see fish here, and was basically trying to ram the whole rod down their throats.
fishing (6)

fishing (7)

fishing (8)

Here it is !!
fishing (9)

First fish caught all by herself.
fishing (10)

fishing (11)

Someone needs to switch their shoes a little more often.
fishing (12)

fishing (13)


  1. LOL @ your feet tan lines! I have those too but not quite as defined as yours. Impressive! And her fish is pretty big!! Looks like a fun day.

    1. Funny how you don't pay attention to something like shoe lines until you are sitting there without them on. It was a fun day. She's been asking to go fishing a lot now.


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