Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shaklee Kicks Glass

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Not only does Shaklee Dish Washer Powder kick Glass, all Shaklee products kick ass. They really truly do. Plain and simple. The company, through all their studies and testing, have proven them safe and natural. We, the people, have proven them effective. Over and over again. 

On to my glassware.Years ago, my glasses looked like the one on the right. I had hard water, and used regular commercial dishwasher soap. Nothing would keep them clear (not lemon, vinegar, etc I tried them all).  I started using  Shaklee's Dish Washer Automatic Powder Concentrate about 5 or 6 years ago, with the same hard water. After about a month or two of switching to Shaklee, they started looking like the glass on the left.

glasses (1)

Fast forward 5 or 6 years to now. After cleaning one of our rental houses a few months ago, the tenant left behind all kinds of cleaners and detergents, pretty much anything that would leak, they did not bring. Even though I've fully switched 100% to all Shaklee products, I couldn't stand seeing some of these things go to waste. Some I passed out to people who wanted them, some I just was not wasting.  Well, I should have wasted them.

glasses (2)

Even though now for the past year, I've had soft water. Obviously, that has made no difference. It is in the detergent, hands down. Glass on the left is with soft water, still using Shaklee's Dish Washer Automatic Powder Concentrate.  One month ago, I started using up with left over dish washing soap from tenant. The glass on the right, is the outcome of that. I don't remember the brand, but it was those little pouches with the liquid and powder in them. To be honest, this happens with most any other brand (in my experience).

glasses (3)

Need I say more, the picture's speak for themselves. The best part, like all other Shaklee Cleaning products, it's concentrated so it takes very little. One bag will last quite awhile. I even use less than the recommended amount because it takes so little and works so well. Like I said, it kicks ass !! I might add, I scrape or rinse nothing off my dishes before loading my dishwasher. I let Shaklee do the work. (Note, on a really gunky stuck burnt around the edges pan, I do spray it with Basic H2 Degreaser strength first.)

A few facts about my beloved Dish Washer Powder.
  • The deep, enzyme-activated cleaning power gently removes tough stains, leaving dishes and glasses sparkling clean.
  • Superconcentrated – cleans 48 loads – just 2 teaspoons in each dispenser cup. (I use a little less)
  • No pre-rinsing needed – Removes dried on food and tough stains, so they don’t get stuck on.
  • Dissolves quickly and completely, getting to work straight away.
  • Absolutely no chlorine and no fragrances, which can pollute the air that you breathe.
  • Comes in a handy resealable pouch with measuring scoop
Clean Credentials
  • Natural
  • Concentrated
  • Biodegradable Surfactants
  • No phosphates
  • No chlorine

So if you were to use the full amount (2 tsp) and get the 48 loads out of one pouch. Basing it off of the Member's Price, you would be spending .20 cents per load to get your dishes the cleanest they've ever been, with no harsh chemicals.  Even cheaper if you use a little less for light loads like I do. 

Are your dishes coming out sparkling clean with natural safe detergent? 

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