Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Osiana Women's Front Zip Sports Bra - Review

This was a very nice fitting sports bra. Though the color doesn't matter for the sake of the bra itself, you may want to know, it's a very vibrant pink and I loved it ! So looks good with all my workout attire. I would say brighter than the stock picture appear on the Amazon listing.

womens front zip sports bra pink (3)

Although sports bra's are typically known to be worn during exercise and fitness things, I find that they are excellent for mowing extremely lumpy and uneven ground. Very useful when getting practically knocked off of a mower.

womens front zip sports bra pink (4)

  • Size: it's pretty true to size. It was listed as a Medium. I'm at the top of a Medium with a 36B and it fit snug but not too tight. Nothing dug in or felt odd. The straps are smooth. The racer-back part fit right between the shoulder blades and felt good. The cup size fit the girls perfectly with a little squish to keep them in place but had room to breathe too.
  • Comfort: The fabric is very smooth, so felt soft on my skin. The bottom of zipper has a little flap so that doesn't dig in or rub. I love the zip front of course, because we all know how difficult it is to get a sports bra off a sweaty body with no zip or clasp. There was nothing uncomfortable or bothersome at all.
  • Wear: I wore this to walk, jog and do cardio in. Held the girls in just great during all workouts. The cup pads are a little thicker than I think most are, which I liked. Just gave extra support, as well as a nice shape without looking squished. No problems at all. No complaints. It's a great bra.

womens front zip sports bra pink (5)

05.02.16 Update:  Unfortunately, it looks like this exact sports bra is no longer available. But you can find many other very similar front zip sports bra's here. Hopefully, this one returns soon.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.


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