Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Shaklee Protein Energy Balls

I have always enjoyed protein balls, peanut butter balls, energy bites...balls, bites... whatever you want to call them. They are good.

Aside from just being good, once I started adding Shaklee's Energizing Soy Protein in Cocoa (Item #20670) to them, they became beneficial too. I wrote about the benefits of protein in your diet in this post, The Power of Protein.

When I started making these at home for only me and not to be shared with anyone, is when I noticed how much they curbed my appetite. The only thing I ever did different to them is add the cocoa flavored protein powder. I mainly did it because yes, I knew it was good for me, but come on...I really did it because peanut butter is always better with a little bit of chocolate flavor !!

I honestly don't know how many you should eat in a day. The whole bag sounds good most days. But I have 2 mid-morning and 2 mid-afternoon, with absolutely no desire to snack what-so-ever. I will sometimes pop an extra one or two right before a run for a little extra energy boost.

They couldn't be easier to make, which is a huge bonus or I'd never make them. Printable recipe below.  
Dump all ingredients in a bowl. I eye ball it, so there's a wee chance there's more than a cup of peanut butter in there. I hate putting peanut butter in a measuring cup for some reason.

Shaklee Protein Bites (1)

Mix until it's about the consistency of a smidge thicker cookie dough. Or as long as it forms easily for you. If you're the only one going to eat them, it's totally okay to eat some right off of that spoon! Hey, we've all done it. And if someone eats one, well...shhh it's our little secret.

Shaklee Protein Bites (3)

Use a melon baller to scoop them to make sure they are all perfectly proportioned. Roll with hands (clean ones of course) for a smoother more uniform look. 

Then pop them in the freezer just like this for about an hour. 

Shaklee Protein Bites (2)

Then you are good to go to store them in a freezer bag or container without them sticking to each other. Enjoy!

Shaklee Protein Bites (4)

Please share your recipe in the comments if you have one.  I'd love to try them. 

Printable Recipe

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