Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Fun at The Corner Coop

I hope you are all getting ready to have a great Halloween full of dressing up, treats and fun. Weather is fantastic in my area right now. Festivities are extra fun when the weather cooperates.

Halloween at the Coop (1)

Today we went over to visit Paxton's Corner Coop. I just love small towns. This is a small business, in a small building with big quality cupcakes, ice cream and more treats. (cookies, cinnamon rolls and various brownies or holiday related sweets). 

The owners and employees are always so nice and friendly.  Ya know, it really is the little things. This little business does a little something extra special sometimes around the holidays for kids and families, and in turn, that's always a big deal for that kid and family. Stuff you won't see in my picture's here are coloring contests, handing out candy, door prizes. Many little things, make a big difference.

Halloween at the Coop (2)

The first thing we did was get in line for the face painting by the most awesome, most talented face painter in the area. Whimsy Pixie Paint. We hit her up any chance we get. Not only is she a phenomenal face painting artist, she's soooo nice to the kids. Well the parents too, but she's just so good with every child. Which is a big deal to us Mom's.
Halloween at the Coop (3)

Obviously she was getting a leopard theme today to go with her costume.
Halloween at the Coop (4)

Oh, the other good thing about her is that she's quick too. So when you are in line, it doesn't seem like ages to get up to her.
Halloween at the Coop (5)

If you ever see her at an event near you, you must go check her out.
Halloween at the Coop (6)

Ta-Da ! Ashlyn requested to not have her full face done. She prefers less makeup. She was so happy with how it turned out.
Halloween at the Coop (7)

Few pic's around the outside of the Coop.
Halloween at the Coop (8)

Halloween at the Coop (9)

A mini corn maze out back. She went through about 15 times.
Halloween at the Coop (10)

Halloween at the Coop (11)

Halloween at the Coop (12)

Halloween at the Coop (13)

Halloween at the Coop (14)

Halloween at the Coop (15)

If you are ever in the area, you definitely need to stop in and try some of their wonderful cupcakes or other awesome treats. Thanks for keeping the fun alive Corner Coop.
Halloween at the Coop (16)

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween !!
Halloween at the Coop (17)

What are you or your kids dressing up as for Halloween this year?

What is your favorite holiday?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Last Camping Weekend of 2016

This will be our last camping weekend for this year. It's that time of year to pack it all up for the winter that will be here before we know it. We had perfect weather to end our season.

Ashlyn met and hung out with another camping kid. This fort is always a favorite. I went to get them for lunch and they told me they were fine, they had food. And it was healthy they said. (fruit snacks, wheat thins and squirt cheese). Yep, sounds good to me.
2016 last camp  (1)

This fort up in a neat spot in the woods is such a hit with all the kids. Especially having a tied off rope to get to and from it. The girls 'girled' it all up this weekend. Painted their toes in it, cleaned it all up, scattered girl toys around.
2016 last camp  (2)

By this time of the year, I am about as sick of marshmallows as you can get.
2016 last camp  (3)

Just checking items off of our scavenger hunt list.
2016 last camp  (4)

A different lake next to where we camp, still part of the same campground. They have 3 different camping spots, and you can get to all 3 by driving (the boring way) or you can go by trails (our way).
2016 last camp  (5)

They have the best trails. Very open and cleared away. And after helping with Clean Up Day here, I have a new appreciation for exactly how much work is involved in keeping them this way. It's definitely an ongoing job, but it's so well worth it.
2016 last camp  (6)

I also learned what is NOT a hiker, runner or walker's best friend.....roots and holes hidden by leaves and loose walnuts. Thankful my ankles made it out ok.
2016 last camp  (7)

Hmm, I'm thinking possible Christmas card photo spot.
2016 last camp  (8)

Or fishing spot.
2016 last camp  (9)

Lot's of fishing spots.
2016 last camp  (10)

Oooh maybe another possible Christmas card photo spot.
2016 last camp  (11)

Fish weren't biting too good this weekend. But she managed to get a few.
2016 last camp  (12)

Learning the proper way to hold a fish. Starting with the small ones.
2016 last camp  (13)

Had Grandpa and Grandma out for lunch and fishing.
2016 last camp  (14)

Hitting up the trails before anyone else in the campground gets up. Being an early riser isn't exactly a bad thing.
2016 last camp  (15)

Checking for minnows. Or tadpoles. Not sure which they are.
2016 last camp  (16)

But she did catch a few by hand. (released them of course)
2016 last camp  (17)

She's good at making new friends.
2016 last camp  (18)

I think this one accidentally got in here. Oh well, it's in now.
2016 last camp  (19)

Holding 'em like a boss now.
2016 last camp  (20)

Until she caught her first catfish ! Didn't want anything to do with holding this one. Please notice the homemade stick pole she caught it on, that she made herself.
2016 last camp (21)

2016 last camp (22)

Until next year.
2016 last camp  (23)

Do you go camping? Tent or camper?

Do your kids like to fish?

Are trails part of your thing when you do camp?

Country Corner Pumpkin Farm

Country Corner Pumpkin Farms is one of our favorites. Lot's to do, fun for everyone and reasonably priced. 

Ashlyn has been begging for a horse for awhile now. She couldn't even persuade Grandma to buy one for her. So desperate times call for desperate measures....she's going straight to Santa on this one. 
country corner (1)

We had to get another ticket so she could ride both her favorites.
country corner (2)

country corner (3)

Boy does she love to mine for fossil's and gem's. She takes this very seriously and has quite a process she follows.
country corner (4)

country corner (5)

Hands down, this is the best Kettle Corn ever. And caramel corn too. Ashlyn thinks we come here for her to have fun, well it's actually to get this popcorn once a year. We ate a large bag while we were there and brought 2 large bags home with us.
country corner (6)

Have you ever seen a jump pad? I hadn't until this year here. They are huge. And so much fun ! Way better than those bounce houses (in my opinion).
country corner (7)

She did this many, many, many times.
country corner (8)

country corner (9)

Then she coerced me into coming up on there with her. Then she challenged me to a race, which I could not refuse.
country corner (10)

I let her stay neck and neck for the way down.
country corner (11)

But then smoked her and several other kids on the way back. One little girl says, "I didn't know old people could run so fast." A little boy says, "Jeez and I'm even in football." As if I couldn't possibly beat a football player.  It was fun and funny to hear there reaction. Especially after I beat them several more time. Made my day that's for sure.
country corner (12)
I refused to get up the Jump Pad many times before giving in. Ended up having fun with those kids and it reminded me to have a little more fun with our kids.

The lady who drives the cow train hauls ass, which makes it so much more fun of course!
country corner (13)

This was funny. You shoot half pieces for a corn cob out of these guns, there are 3 targets, you get 3 tries. If you get in the bulls-eye you win something. The first one went about 30 feet over top of the tire and fence. The second one hit the tire. The lady behind us says to her husband, "This is going to be impossible." Right then, Ashlyn's 3rd shot went right through the bulls-eye without touching at all. We were all amazed and surprised.
country corner (14)

She was very excited to win a free pumpkin. Got to choose anyone she wanted at the whole place.
country corner (15)

Maze out of straw bails. There were soft bouncy balls in there you could toss around too.
country corner (16)

I love all the different spots for cute picture's.  They have the whole place decorated so nice.
country corner (17)

I'm almost to the  point of carving this nice too. Almost. (Not).
country corner (18)

country corner (19)

This spot would be really cute for picture's too aside from the Entrance sign and hose.
country corner (20)

Where is your favorite pumpkin farm?

Do you have your pumpkins yet?

Do you have a horse my daughter can come visit once in awhile?

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