Thursday, April 27, 2017

Touchstone Crystal Launch Party

As you read in a recent post, I decided to start a new business with Touchstone Crystal. You would think this post would be flooded with picture's of my Launch Party. I was so engrossed in what my upline was saying and learning from her, that I didn't take one single picture. BLOGGER FAIL !!!!

TC Launch Party (1)

So instead of capturing every moment, we mentioned we'd take a few photo's before tearing down the display table.

TC Launch Party (2)

BLOGGER FAIL again !!  Once again, so engrossed in listening and learning that I completely forgot. So we got a few photo's snapped moments before it was all down. I guess it's good I was at least paying very close attention.

TC Launch Party (3)

It's too bad because the display was full of gorgeous affordable jewelry.

TC Launch Party (4)

It's really unbelievable that you can so easily get free, discounted and half off items when you host parties.

TC Launch Party (5)

And the business side of it is even more unbelievable. Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski is truly amazing to their consultants. Rewards and compensations are very generous allowing me to earn an income while working from home and not missing one single school, sports or family event. 

TC Launch Party (6)

I'm very lucky and excited to get this journey started and rolling. The opportunities are as little or as much as I choose to work for.

TC Launch Party (7)

This necklace is one of my favorites.

TC Launch Party (8)

It's very high on my want list.

TC Launch Party (9)

Since I completely suck as a Blogger and took no picture's until the final 10 seconds, if you'd like to see the rest of the jewelry that you would have seen, and what a fun party can look like, you can visit my Touchstone Crystal website

If you'd like to learn more about the rewards and benefits of Hosting a party or becoming a Consultant, just go to my website contact me through the Contact Page.

Nephews Tennis Match

Went to my nephews tennis match recently. I've never been to a tennis game before but was pretty neat to watch them. Is it a game or a match?

tennis (1)

Just a few picture's of some shots. He played doubles in this one.

tennis (2)

tennis (3)

tennis (4)

tennis (5)

This was our shot at making a tennis cake for his birthday.

tennis (6)

Do you play tennis? I have for fun but not using the rules of course. 


Payback Peeps !!

peeps (2)

In having some good clean fun with our neighbors, we have ongoing pranks. The latest right after we did one to them, was skewered Peeps. Since it was shortly after Easter, I loved it! It looked so cool. Ashlyn wanted to go out and eat them. Actually she did eat a few. 

We love our neighbors...but they better stay on alert, it's our turn. 

peeps (1)

What ideas do you have? (must be good, clean and nice to people and property)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Coloring Easter Egg with Shaving Cream 2017

Tried something new this year. We colored our eggs with the shaving cream and food coloring technique. 

Start by filling shallow pans with shaving cream. Not the gel kind, the foam kind. Our instructions said an inch deep but I thought that was too much. I'd go less, I think more color would get on the eggs with only about a half inch'ish deep.

egg coloring 2017 (1)

Choose your color schemes. You don't want to do more than 2-4 colors together in the pan, otherwise they'll mix to much and you could end up with a pretty yucky color.

egg coloring 2017 (2)

Smooth it out.

egg coloring 2017 (3)

Put several drops of your chosen colors in.

egg coloring 2017 (4)

Then you'll gently swirl your colors together until you like the look. We first used a toothpick and it just wasn't swirling good.

egg coloring 2017 (5)

So we got a straw and it was perfect.

egg coloring 2017 (6)

Put an egg in, roll it straight down the pan until it's covered.

egg coloring 2017 (7)

Set them out to dry. Which they won't dry dry, as in hard dry. But you'll see the coating looks sort dryish. About 10-15 minutes.

egg coloring 2017 (8)

They all have such a different look to them.

egg coloring 2017 (9)

Or you can just pick it up and swirl it around too.

egg coloring 2017 (10)

Take a paper towel and wipe it all off. Don't worry, the food coloring has already done it's job.

egg coloring 2017 (11)

Some turned out very light. I think these were the pans that were heavy on the shaving cream.

egg coloring 2017 (12)

The ones with less shaving cream were brighter.

egg coloring 2017 (13)

This one looked pitted. But could be from my pricey high dollar 42 cent eggs.

egg coloring 2017 (14)

But overall, they turned out pretty.

egg coloring 2017 (15)

Ashlyn set up a photo op for the eggs.

egg coloring 2017 (16)

We were happy with it and had fun. So we call it a success.

egg coloring 2017 (17)

Even though this post is a couple weeks late, I hope you had a very nice Easter.


Easter Bunny & Easter Egg Hunt 2017

I was not prepared to be in the picture with her, but a general Mom wanted me to take their picture and offered to take ours in return.

easter bunny 2017 (1)

Still got the one with just her though.

easter bunny 2017 (2)

It was a bit chilly and a lot breezy for the egg hunt but didn't seem to bother the girls at all.

egg hunt 2017 (1)

egg hunt 2017 (2)

egg hunt 2017 (3)

Ashlyn and her friend got a special egg with a special prize in it.

egg hunt 2017 (4)

Always a fun time !

egg hunt 2017 (5)

First thing is first, dump out, sort, organize and categorize all candy ASAP.

egg hunt 2017 (6)

In her special egg was 10 bucks, a free ice cream cone and cupcake.

egg hunt 2017 (7)

Real bunnies have been taking over our yard. Cute but the dogs are not liking it one bit.

egg hunt 2017 (8)

I am very late on this post, but hope you all have a great Easter.

Arbor Day Tree - Stormy Run - Lighted Balloons

Tree's came home from school for Arbor Day. Got it planted. Now we just hope for the best. I don't know why but plants, new tree's and shrubs are so darn needy. All they want is water, water, water. And it seems so hard for me to do that. I wonder if artificial tree's next year would serve the same purpose.  Something for our school to think about next year for our family. 

It's really just a lack of watering thing. I keep my family watered, alive and well, how can I be expected to remember plants as well. 

arbor day

You really can't go wrong starting your day out with this. Only thing it could use is more strawberries. There's yogurt under all that somewhere.

fruit and yogurt

Made it back from a run this morning just in time before the rain and thunder let loose.

dark weather

Grandma got Ashlyn some funky balloons. They are lit up. When you get them, you pull the tab to start the light, then blow them up. Ah-hem, don't blow them up too much. You'll be left with only a light when balloon part explodes. They were pretty cool and stayed lit way longer than the package said. She made some sort of hanging disco balloon collage thing from her ceiling fan.

Lighted Balloons

Ever had the lighted balloons?

Did you get caught in the rain today at all?

Not a question, but I really hope you can keep plants alive better than I can. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Touchstone Crystal Starter Kit

We are about ready to Sparkle Everyday here at Everyday Snapshot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Christmas in April !! Well, it sure feels like it anyway. It's about to get fun. REAL fun !

TC Starter Kit (1)

As those of you who know me know, I am quite allergic to all jewelry. Not very fun for a gal. (My husband disagrees). About 3 years ago I discovered Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski. I had a very good experience wearing their jewelry line. It doesn't bother me at all. I slowly purchased one piece at a time and loved it all.

Since they are the most trusted name in fashion jewelry and having 120 years being the leader in crystal, I decided I wanted to be part of that. I recently joined the Touchstone Crystal team and all the fun and exciting material and product just came in the mail

A few of the many things I love about them. Since I myself do not like to spend money and we work hard for that money, we all have bills. Well 50% of the line is under $50 ! It's amazing jewelry for a very affordable price. As well as such an incredible variety of jewels that is so versatile, there really is something for every woman. 

Their compensation and host programs are also quite rewarding, and I definitely wanted to be part of that. I'm excited to start this new journey. An adventure that I'll probably wish I'd have started years ago. But I guess it's never too late to love your job. 

TC Starter Kit (2)

Have you ever heard of Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski before?

Do you have any of the pieces from their gorgeous product line?

If not, you are missing out. You must check it out. You can do so here

Referrals are welcome and appreciated.

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