Friday, April 21, 2017

Touchstone Crystal Starter Kit

We are about ready to Sparkle Everyday here at Everyday Snapshot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Christmas in April !! Well, it sure feels like it anyway. It's about to get fun. REAL fun !

TC Starter Kit (1)

As those of you who know me know, I am quite allergic to all jewelry. Not very fun for a gal. (My husband disagrees). About 3 years ago I discovered Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski. I had a very good experience wearing their jewelry line. It doesn't bother me at all. I slowly purchased one piece at a time and loved it all.

Since they are the most trusted name in fashion jewelry and having 120 years being the leader in crystal, I decided I wanted to be part of that. I recently joined the Touchstone Crystal team and all the fun and exciting material and product just came in the mail

A few of the many things I love about them. Since I myself do not like to spend money and we work hard for that money, we all have bills. Well 50% of the line is under $50 ! It's amazing jewelry for a very affordable price. As well as such an incredible variety of jewels that is so versatile, there really is something for every woman. 

Their compensation and host programs are also quite rewarding, and I definitely wanted to be part of that. I'm excited to start this new journey. An adventure that I'll probably wish I'd have started years ago. But I guess it's never too late to love your job. 

TC Starter Kit (2)

Have you ever heard of Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski before?

Do you have any of the pieces from their gorgeous product line?

If not, you are missing out. You must check it out. You can do so here

Referrals are welcome and appreciated.

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