Friday, May 5, 2017

Ice Bracelets - My Newest Addiction

OH my gosh !  Have you seen Ice Bracelets in person yet? You must, you really really must. It's almost hard to explain how gorgeous they are. Then you try one...maybe two...maybe three....and there's no turning back. You are sucked in with no way out.


I know it's a concern for me, so I always like to mention that all jewelry from Touchstone Crystal is lead and nickel free. And Touchstone Crystal is the direct selling division for Swarovski.

They beauties come in Gold Ion Plating, Oxidized Brass Plating, Oxidized Silver Plating, Rose Gold Ion Plating and Rhodium Plating.

TC Ice (5) TC Ice (4)

As of when I type this, they currently come in 35 colors !!!  The mix and match possibilities are endless. And Beautiful !

TC Ice (3) TC Ice (2)

They come in 7 1/4" and extenders are available. Just the other day, I saw a lady hook 2 of these together for a choker style necklace. Yet another idea for them.

TC Ice (1) TC Ice (6)

When you start putting them together, you can pull together any look with them. So very versatile depending on the colors you are wearing. In case you see several that you love, if you spend $100, you get the next item 30% off !! Great deal when you want several of these.

TC Ice Bracelets

Currently, this is my favorite combo. I love that they look so good with anything. You can wear them dressy, or with your jeans to the ballgame. And they are so smooth feeling, they don't have a snaggy edge anywhere. How good they feel is always one of the comments I hear people say about them.


The 3 bracelets below, are the same 3 I'm wearing in the above picture. They are the Vintage Denim Blue and Vintage Silver Night (Oxidized Silver Plating) and White (Rhodium Plating).


If you would love to add a few of these gorgeous bracelets to your wrist for some added sparkle, you can get them from my website. Just enter my name, Michele Bertrand, as the Host and shop away. Your order will arrive on your doorstep soon !!

And don't forget, if you spend $100, you get the next item 30% off. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Always love to help.

Do you have any Ice Bracelets yet?

What colors do you have?

How many do you wear at once?

What colors would you like to try first? 

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