Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Touchstone Crystal - Coral Earrings

One of my new favorite earrings. Love these ! Perfect if you have short hair or wear it up. Something that won't dangle or get caught up in hair. They are Swarovski crystals with rhodium plating and titanium posts.

Coral Earrings (4)

I wear them way more frequently than I intended. Which is a good thing !

Coral Earrings (1)

Just another pair to add to my favorite list. One thing I prefer about all jewelry is when it's lightweight and you don't even realize it's there. These definitely fit that. I'm sure you could do without the closeup of my ear an all, but least the earrings take away from that. I hope !

Coral Earrings (2)

If you'd like to add these to your favorite collection as well, you can go to my Touchstone Crystal Website, enter my name (Michele Bertrand) in as the Host and you are all set !

Coral Earrings (3)

What style of earrings do you love?

Have you heard of Touchstone Crystal before?

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