Friday, June 23, 2017

The Original Vanilla Bug Spray (VBS) - Review

I think we just might get to enjoy the outdoors yet. At last, a product that does not contain Deet or other harsh chemicals and it actually works and is safe for the whole family.

It's called VBS Bug Spray. It started with The Original Vanilla Bug Spray. Then they made a few additional formula's and scents and all three smell really good. 

A lady came up with this as a way to help with biting gnats for her granddaughters and it turned out to work for repelling all biting insects as well !  Now that's a good accident. One thing led to another, and a wonderful product was born in Pekin, IL. 

Vanilla Bug Spray (1)

We have been using these 3 for several weeks. They have really been working well for general activities that we do...ballgames, sitting on our porch in the evening, fireworks, parks and picnics, cookouts. We are outside a lot. But one thing we do frequently is camp.
Vanilla Bug Spray (2)

We tried it out fishing and staying within the camping area. But I knew the true test would be the trails. We can get eaten alive in them, and have before. One time went 50' in and came running out real fast.
Vanilla Bug Spray (3)

When spraying the VBS, it's more of a mist. So it doesn't shoot, sputter or spit the product out. I found the mist better covered my body rather than the air around me. Which is precisely the whole point. At first I thought it was a touch greasy, but it just looks that way for a second. Then whether you rub it in or let it sit briefly, it just goes away and your skin is not greasy or sticky which was a dislike in other sprays I've used. It also does not stain your clothes.
Vanilla Bug Spray (4)

The original Vanilla was the first created and works well as an overall repellent. Then came Cedar Wood for a more manly man woodsy scent. Cedar is a natural tick repellent so there's a huge added bonus for this one. Then came Eucalyptus which is good for when the mosquito's are really bad.
Vanilla Bug Spray (5)

We purposely wore tanks and shorts for this experiment. One, it was very hot. Two, I'd usually wear pants and long sleeves to help with bugs. But I really wanted to see how it worked, so we threw ourselves in like raw meat to those little buggers. But first Ashlyn had to play in the water, since that's where she is 99% of the time.
Vanilla Bug Spray (6)

So we applied Vanilla first. The smell is A-Ma-ZING. It doesn't hang around and it's not overpowering, just smells really good.
Vanilla Bug Spray (7)

Here we go, we are going in. At first, we kept swatting at the skeeters. We stopped for a second to adjust the backpack or take a photo and it dawned on me....I'm swatting them because they are close to me but....they are not actually landing on me. I think it's just natural to swat.
Vanilla Bug Spray (8)

Many times, you never stop moving, just keep walking because they are so bad you can't stand it. But it was very tolerable to stop mid-trail. Keep in mind, I have seen the skeeters much worse than on this day, I'd say they were a medium peskiness on this particular day. Do you ever really call it a 'good skeeter day' in the woods. So although they were flying close, they were not on us and biting. Half way through, we did stop and apply the Eucalyptus one for bad mosquito's and because we were sweating like crazy we wanted to reapply.
Vanilla Bug Spray (9)

Trailing is one of our favorite things to do. We come up with fun treasure hunts. We walk them, jog them, take the dogs on them. Have a slight obstacle here from last weeks storm.
Vanilla Bug Spray (10)

This is one of my most absolute favorite trails with these awesome tall tree's.
Vanilla Bug Spray (11)

Lake break in our afternoon journey. Since we were in wooded area's, we did use the Cedar Wood spray to repel some of the wood related bugs like ticks and possibly spiders.
Vanilla Bug Spray (12)

It must work, because when I used it in the last several weeks, we've not found any ticks on us or the dogs.
Vanilla Bug Spray (13)

Also worth mentioning, after using these for a couple of weeks, the level of liquid is still at the top part of the bottle. So it doesn't go fast. I can't tell you how long it lasts since that will vary so much from person to person and their usage. But it does appear that it's long lasting, which also means more bang for your buck.
Vanilla Bug Spray (14)

More water, she loves everything to do with it. Loves fishing and playing in it.
Vanilla Bug Spray (15)

Anyone who fishes knows how much bugs love a person sitting still. Oh they can be bad.
Vanilla Bug Spray (16)

Do you want to know what one of my most favorite things about this product is? You can use it on your pets too !!!!  The same product for all of us is simply genius. Dogs are always laying in the grass and when we camp the bugs and gnats can be bad for them too. Sometimes they even want to go in the camper to get away from them.
Vanilla Bug Spray (17)

I just love that they can enjoy outside more too when we spray them. (And then they smell good too). And the fine mist is an easier way to spray them.
Vanilla Bug Spray (18)

I spray their body with it, then I will spray some in my hands, rub them together and sort of pet them around their face on their head, neck and ears.
Vanilla Bug Spray (19)

Well, we made it out alive and lived to tell about it. Yay! We were in the trails for 1 1/2 hours and we each came out with 1 single skeeter bite. One !!  Instead of 52 !!  And mine was on my shoulder blade which was probably a spot that didn't get sprayed well anyway.
Vanilla Bug Spray (23)

After a very hot afternoon on the trails, we came home and jumped in the pool, clothes and all. This pool has been one of our smarter purchases.
Vanilla Bug Spray (20)

Around us, the mosquito's can be down right vicious in the evening. Between a fire, the VBS and hopefully a slight breeze, we can better enjoy our campfires and friends. And the kids can fully enjoy catching lightening bugs without getting eaten alive.
Vanilla Bug Spray (21)

I highly recommend you give this stuff a try and enjoy your camping and outdoor activities bug free as well.
Vanilla Bug Spray (22)

The 4 oz. size fits in your hand perfectly. Easy to bring with you anywhere in your purse, bag or pocket. I've tossed this in our backpack many times and I've not once had it leak. So that's always a good thing.

These contain No Deet or harsh chemicals. Phthalate and paraben free. For those that know me, you know that I am the Queen of skin sensitivity. None of these bothered my skin at all.
Vanilla Bug Spray (24)

So here's the low down on how to get your hands on this stuff. 

Vanilla Bug Spray website. You can read about the company, contact them if you wish, find retail locations for purchasing, and it is also available online through their website. 

Make sure you follow their facebook page too !

Trust me, you definitely want to try this for your summer activities. Thank you to my friend who told me about this product, you know who you are.

Enjoy the outdoors bug and chemical free friends !!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

RED, WHITE & BLING 2 Day Sale !!!

I have been challenged to sell at least 20 items from this SALE to help me towards my goal for this month!! πŸŽ‰  How fun would it be to have a patriotic WRIST PARTY or stacked/layered necklaces or rings on 4th of July?! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ You can wear them throughout the year as well, of course, and show our pride for our country! 

For supporting me in my goal, if you buy two, I'll give you one 50% off of your choice! (50% off item must be equal or less value of the items purchased UNLESS the first two items total over $100!!)   

Ice Bracelets (top left) $89
Birthstone Necklaces (middle left) $39
Birthstone Rings sizes 5-10 (middle) $22
Bliss Earrings (middle right) $39
Birthstone Earrings--can also purchase the white or red (bottom left) $39
Birthstone Stretch Bracelets (bottom right) $29

**Please share this post to help me reach my goals!!   Thank-you!!!!

Red White & Bling (1)

The following photo's were kindly provided by a friend so you could see a few of them together.

Red White & Bling (2)

Red White & Bling (3)

Red White & Bling (4)

Red White & Bling (6)

Red White & Bling (5)

Sale is today (Wednesday 21st) and tomorrow (Thursday 22nd).

Let me know if you'd like to take part in this sale and awesome red, white and bling jewelry !  Thank you and enjoy your day !!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Mileage Goal Half Way Check In

We are part way through June, time to see if I'm up to speed with my new goal this year. Last year I just had a 1,000 mile running/walking goal. I reached that but had trouble fitting in other activities. 

This year I set a low mileage goal of 500 running/walking and 500 bike miles. That way, I have time to fit other forms of exercise in. 

So far I let my bike miles slack because I new when summer got here and the heat and humidity set in, I'd switch to the bike and make up those miles to avoid the heat headache's I get when walking/running during the summer.

bike ride

It works and it's a change of pace. I'm am at 275 for foot miles and 250 for bike miles and June isn't quite over, so I'm right there where I should be. I was hoping to be ahead really, but I'll take it because I'm enjoying all the other things I make time for just as much. And versatility conquers boredom and routine.

run feet

Also keeping track of elliptical miles just for fun. I don't track anything else. So there's my update, so far so good. I'm hoping to get ahead of the game this summer so that if I miss some later in the year around the holidays it won't be no big deal.

5K, Fun Run (5)

And she just runs, bikes and swims all the time, no need to track anything. Although some days I've love to put a fitness tracker on her. 

Are you staying up to par with your fitness goals so far?

Do you get heat headache's? Ever found a way to avoid them? 

What else do you enjoy doing in the summer?


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Swimming Pool Upgrade

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Pool talk today.

Our kiddie pool days are done. We've been through so many of these. She absolutely loves swimming. We hit the big town pools and friends during the summer as well but she's in this one every single nice day. 

Enjoying it with a new friend this day.  This one is fun, I fit in it with her and she still has plenty of room. But...seems like we need a new one every year. And the whole dump and fill is a chore.

pool upgrade (1)

As much as she swims, we decided to go for a little bit of an upgrade. We got the Intex 10' Easy Set Pool.

pool upgrade (2)

And someone (including me) is loving it !!!

pool upgrade (4)

Been in it everyday so far. Not near as bad to take care of as people were telling me. Actually I think if you love to swim, you don't think it's a big deal. If you are a non-swimmer having to take care of it, it's probably a pain.

pool upgrade (3)

You know where you can find us all summer long. One day when we move to that perfect forever home, we'll have a much bigger more permanent pool.

Are you enjoying your summer?

Your kids love to swim?

Have an Intex like this, how well did yours hold up?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Campground Youth Day

Our yearly visit to a local youth day at a campground. They have mostly the same activities from year to year, but will change up a few.

youth day (1)

Always a prize when you get there. Lunch for the kids and adults. And a ton of raffle ticket prizes. She won a really nice sleeping bag.

youth day (2)

Not sure if she truly likes minnow races or if it's about the piece of candy the winner gets.

youth day (3)

She already knows how to cast, but was fun to see if she could make it in the hoola hoops. There were clay animal prints she got to make too, but failed to get a picture of.

youth day (6)

This is what she was looking forward to the most. Not me.

youth day (7)

Looking at these little micro snails. Amazing you can't see them without the microscope. There were 6 in the dish.

youth day (8)

They also have fishing contests too but she doesn't do that since we can go fishing anytime. She'd rather do all the other activities.

youth day (9)

Then one of the newer events they had was BB gun shooting. She's never even held a gun before, so this was definitely new to her as well. The guys were really good and patient about showing the kids how to shoot and the important of safety.

youth day (4)

She did very well. She got 4 our of 5 balloons. Each kid got 5 shots total.

youth day (5)

We were both very excited when they announced that she made it to the final shoot out with all the boys !!!

youth day (10)

She got 1 out of the 3 shots allowed. Although she was very excited to do so well, she was pissed because the kids were sitting on the table with her at first and shaking it. Then the adults running it made them move and get off but she didn't get to redo her shot. Oh well, she did fantastic anyway.

youth day (11)

Always a fun day. Hot one !!!  But fun.

What kind of youth days do you have in your area?

You have any little bb gun shooters in your family?

What did you do today?

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