Wednesday, June 21, 2017

RED, WHITE & BLING 2 Day Sale !!!

I have been challenged to sell at least 20 items from this SALE to help me towards my goal for this month!! πŸŽ‰  How fun would it be to have a patriotic WRIST PARTY or stacked/layered necklaces or rings on 4th of July?! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ You can wear them throughout the year as well, of course, and show our pride for our country! 

For supporting me in my goal, if you buy two, I'll give you one 50% off of your choice! (50% off item must be equal or less value of the items purchased UNLESS the first two items total over $100!!)   

Ice Bracelets (top left) $89
Birthstone Necklaces (middle left) $39
Birthstone Rings sizes 5-10 (middle) $22
Bliss Earrings (middle right) $39
Birthstone Earrings--can also purchase the white or red (bottom left) $39
Birthstone Stretch Bracelets (bottom right) $29

**Please share this post to help me reach my goals!!   Thank-you!!!!

Red White & Bling (1)

The following photo's were kindly provided by a friend so you could see a few of them together.

Red White & Bling (2)

Red White & Bling (3)

Red White & Bling (4)

Red White & Bling (6)

Red White & Bling (5)

Sale is today (Wednesday 21st) and tomorrow (Thursday 22nd).

Let me know if you'd like to take part in this sale and awesome red, white and bling jewelry !  Thank you and enjoy your day !!

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