Sunday, June 11, 2017

Touchstone Crystal - Birthstone Bracelets

Oh how I love these. Touchstone Crystal Birthstone Bracelets are stretch. Which I love. No clasp to mess with. They are 2.25" inside diameter with rhodium plating.

Birthstone Bracelets (5)

These look great alone or stacked with other styles of bracelets. I've seen people wear them with the ice bracelets and they look great. I tend to wear them together like this.

Birthstone Bracelets (1)

Sometimes I match my outfit for the day. Or will theme it with a holiday if possible.

Birthstone Bracelets (2)

One of my most favorite things about this bracelet is that there are no sharp edges. It's so smooth. A huge pet peeve is snagging my sweater or shirt with a piece of jewelry. So when I first saw them, I thought it looked like they might.

Birthstone Bracelets (3)

But I was so wrong. They are very smooth and not snaggy at all.

Birthstone Bracelets (4)

Perfect example of matching them up to a holiday would be for the 4th of July !  Patriotic, gorgeous and sparkly just like the holiday !  And really, how fun is this, I love it. 

January, September and July are great for Independence Day.  July and or October with April would be sooo pretty for Valentine's Day. So many ideas to play with. Of course bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings are all available as well. 

Birthstone Bracelet's (6)

One of my newest ways to wear them is to wear our school colors for my daughter's sports. So FUN ! And so pretty.

Birthstone Bracelets school colors (1)

As you can see, the colors change a little depending on the lighting as with anything. Also, my school shirts fluctuate in color too, depending how old they are and how many washings they've had.

Birthstone Bracelets school colors (2)

Either way, I love showing school and sports support through a little sparkle.

Birthstone Bracelets school colors (3)

Always feel free to Contact Me anytime if you need help or just have any questions about these  bracelets, or anything else in the Touchstone Crystal line. They have such an affordable great quality line. Half of the product is under $50. Score !!  Not to mention, what you can earn as a Hostess or Consultant is just beyond amazing. Whether you are a customer, hostess or consultant, it's a Win-Win.

What accessory do you use to show school color support?

Have you tried these awesome bracelets yet?

You could potentially earn all 12 months of them free with a party. Let me know if you'd like to find out more. 

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