Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Our town had a Painting Kindness Rocks day. Ashlyn really loved this.

rocks-cookies-target-park (1)

She's very drawn to anything and everything artsy and crafty.

rocks-cookies-target-park (2)

These two are sort of ruffin' it today. Getting their window sunshine for the day.

rocks-cookies-target-park (3)

We wanted to make M&M Cookies but had no eggs. So we looked up an egg-less recipe.

rocks-cookies-target-park (4)

It was ok, not great. So we'll be making them again once I get eggs.

rocks-cookies-target-park (5)

Headed to Target this year for school supplies. And tortured ourselves with everything we want that we can't get because Target loves to do that to us.

rocks-cookies-target-park (6)

Then we grabbed Subway (her current favorite meal) and went to one of our favorite parks.

rocks-cookies-target-park (7)

Only to discover they got all new equipment.

rocks-cookies-target-park (8)

Every kids dream to play on brand new equipment.

rocks-cookies-target-park (9)

rocks-cookies-target-park (10)

rocks-cookies-target-park (11)

Hope you all had a great day.

What is your kids' favorite current meal?

Do you like to do parks and picnics too?

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