Sunday, October 29, 2017

Potato's, Pumpkins & Babies

Sharing a few picture's from the last few weeks. 

Carving pumpkins.
Carve Pumpkins 2017 (1)

Carve Pumpkins 2017 (2)

Carve Pumpkins 2017 (3)

Carve Pumpkins 2017 (4)

Digging potato's with Grandpa.
Dis Potatos (1)

Dis Potatos (2)

Dis Potatos (3)

This one looks like a back messager.
Dis Potatos (4)

Dis Potatos (5)

Dis Potatos (6)

Granddaughter snuggles.
Grandbaby (1)

Grandbaby (2)

Grandbaby (3)

Hope you are all enjoying your week.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Health & Fitness Tips That Will Change Your Life - Review

Why wait until New Years to make that resolution to a healthier you, that may not last but a few weeks anyway. Give it a go now, starting with this book. It will give you easy doable steps to get you going and stay there.

James Atkinson Health & Fitness Tips

This is a book with the beginner in mind to help you get started to a healthy lifestyle. Not a quick 30 day diet & weight loss plan. A 25 step process, to be done over the course of a year, placed in a specific order, that way each one becomes a habit and is intended to stick permanently.  It has great, simple & helpful tips. The diet, exercise & mindset tips are very practical, easy and doable for the everyday person. 

The author himself started out as an unfit overweight beginner, I feel this is why this book is filled with info to help out the beginner looking to get started. All the conflicting information out there these days is so overwhelming.  This is an easy read and easy format to follow. Not the kind of info that makes you think "I can't do this", but the kind of tips and info that makes you think "I CAN do this". If you are struggling or wanting to get started, if you want to lose weight, if you want to be more active... this book is for you.

A great read with personal stories. The author has figured healthy living out through trial and error. A plan to follow over time. A road to success if followed and implemented. These 25 steps are intended to become a habit long term.  I can't say enough how doable the outline is to follow. Do yourself a big favor for your health and get started today.

Check out his website, Jim's Health & Fitness, and definitely his other books.

Available November 1, 2017 for Kindle, Paperback and Audible.

Start getting in shape before those holidays hit. No need to wait until next year, next week or tomorrow. Get started today. You deserve it. You are worth it. 

Have you read any of James Atkinson's books?  I am thinking I'm going to read the Marathon Training & Distance Running book next. 


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mini-Triathlon & 5K

I participated in the 5K part of this event this past weekend. But I think I really need to do the mini-triathlon next year (run, bike, kayak). Looks real fun. 

We had excellent weather for it. Pretty scenery. Good post party food. Makes for a great day.

mini tri
Photo Credit: Canal Ambush Photo Volunteers

This is true just as much as it is funny.

running cartoon

Exercie to Relax  

Hope you all had a great weekend. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Jamie chose Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday dinner place. Not sure if we've ever had a family selfie before. So we tried. Might make us look cool.

camp (1)

Spencer sunning with Big Bear.

camp (2)

It was VERY hot but we went camping since it may be our last for the season.

camp (3)

She kept a tally of how many fish we all caught. Dad - 0, Mom - 1, Ashlyn - 25.

camp (4)

camp (5)

Met the sweetest little camper while there. We love meeting new camper family's. The other little girl was looking back at Ashlyn with her face and eyes the exact same as Ashlyn's. Was really cute. Ashlyn brought her old chairs up to the fort for the kids.

camp (6)

Little house keeping outside the fort area.

camp (7)

So very pretty here.

camp (8)

Lake water + sand = hours of messy fun.

camp (9)

Took a break and cooled off inside with some mac & cheese and watch a little of Trolls.

camp (10)

Evening s'mores !

camp (11)

Always ending with a beautiful sunset.

camp (12)

What are you doing to enjoy the end of summer weekends?

Do you camp? Fish?

What did you do this weekend?

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