Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your family, friends and good food.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Fluffy Stretchy Slime Video

Ugh - this one never posted either.

Ashlyn wanted to share her first slime video for Fluffy Stretchy Slime. 

For those that know her, she's a slime fanatic. She watches these videos like crazy. She's creating her own slime recipe's now. 

To a non-slime person, this is very long, 12 minutes. But for a slime person, it is not. I tried to speed up the process in the video when she's just mixing by speeding the video up at those parts. 

Enjoy and happy slime watching and making. Hopefully she'll make more and be less nervous each time. 

Hope you all are enjoying your day !

Have kids that love slime and slime videos?
We'd love to see them. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Santa & Fun

Hmm - for some reason this never posted back in early December. Something must be wrong with my Scheduled Posts.

Saw Santa at one of our first Christmas festivities. Weather was chilly but really good this year. Many years it's hard to stand in the cold blowing weather and watch the Christmas parade but this year was a decent one. 

We saw Santa during his visit. There is no more "sitting on the lap", it's sit beside or no deal. Most of that is shyness. She'd rather write him a letter than verbally tell him what she wants.  And he has yet to come through with that pony request, it's #1 on her list every year.

Christmas Parade 001

We'll be seeing another Santa at several more events this December. I always find it so hard to explain these "Santa Helpers" but it's always very hard to avoid not seeing several Santa's per season. So far, she's bought my story. She has her own opinions, if they are holding up to Santa standards though. According to her, some are not friendly enough, some do not have the looks down quite right, but this Santa here is our favorite. He knows things. Lots of things that make her eyes bug out. Things that make her talk about how he knew for days. Detailed things. So he obviously is "the real one". (How did we ever get lucky enough to find a Santa that knows her Grandpa).

Christmas Parade 003

This is our favorite face painting lady. She's so good and friendly to the kids. We love her. We stalk her and go to most events that she's at. (I'm kidding, we do not really stalk her).

Christmas Parade 003

Although she said, "Are you sure you want the Grinch, you're to cute and sweet to be a Grinch".  Clearly, she does not know us personally.

Christmas Parade 005

I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas fun this December.

Have good Santa knows too much stories? Please share !

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Long Break - Gingerbread House

Wow - it's been a very, very long time since I've posted. Things got real busy there to say the least and the blog is the first to take a back seat when that happens unfortunately. But here we are again. Starting to hit the Christmas-y season with Christmas programs, shopping and all the holidays parades, festivities and Santa visiting.

Grandma picked up a Gingerbread House. We do one every year. This one had a great frosting to use, as that's usually my biggest and only complaint about them. Great bag, frosting all contained, with tips. So none of that frosting bag with the open end. Which for adults is fine, but kids....OIY !!!  More of a mess than anything. So I for one, appreciate the change to a better kid friendly frosting bag. 

Gingerbread House (1)

These things all come in kits now. So it's nice that everything you will need is in there and ready to go. It's all just as fun and turns out just as good.

Gingerbread House (2)

These snowflakes were a pretty addition to the candy that was in there.

Gingerbread House (3)

Gingerbread House (4)

Remember the good ol days when we made them from scratch? I remember making them in school. With graham crackers, you made your own frosting, bought all the toppings of your choice. And made that sucker stand up with no 'kit' help.

Gingerbread House (5)

I think it would be fun (and messy) to do that again. If not this year, it will go on next years list of fun things to do. 

Here is her finished product. Notice the lack of frosting and decorations on it. It's a little on the plain side. Can you guess why?

Gingerbread House (6)

Yes, it's because she ate the frosting right from the bag and the rest of the candy separate. Gingerbread house making is one of the few times she's allowed to eat frosting like that. So the house takes a hit, but that's ok since we seldom eat the stuff off of it after it has set out for awhile. 

But they are fun to do and we look forward to them every year. 

Do you make Gingerbread houses every year? 

Make your own from scratch or kit?


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