Monday, December 11, 2017

Fluffy Stretchy Slime Video

Ugh - this one never posted either.

Ashlyn wanted to share her first slime video for Fluffy Stretchy Slime. 

For those that know her, she's a slime fanatic. She watches these videos like crazy. She's creating her own slime recipe's now. 

To a non-slime person, this is very long, 12 minutes. But for a slime person, it is not. I tried to speed up the process in the video when she's just mixing by speeding the video up at those parts. 

Enjoy and happy slime watching and making. Hopefully she'll make more and be less nervous each time. 

Hope you all are enjoying your day !

Have kids that love slime and slime videos?
We'd love to see them. 

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