Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Team Colors & Clip-Ons

Good morning !!!!

Are you familiar with Touchstone Crystal's Birthstone Bracelets?  If not, they are stretchy with no clasp. Easy peasy to put on. They are smooth all the way around, so no snagging clothes or sweaters. 

I tend to wear them to support school or team colors and to match my outfit. I have yet to wear them for the actual birthstone colors of my family. They are 2.25" inside diameter, crystals are set in Rhodium plating. I am wearing January and April. 

So versatile. You can do school colors, team colors, holiday colors and your actual birthstones. The red, white and blue even worked great for Captain America colors for a recent fundraiser I did.  So many options. 


Today I paired the bracelets with the Classic Clip-ons. I think clip-ons get forgotten about. I have mine pierced but still love these!  Just too pretty to forget about, so thought I'd bring them back today. They are Crystal set in Rhodium plating.

School Colors (Blog) 2

You can see these pieces as well as all the rest on my Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski website. Feel feel to browse and make a wish list !!

I hope you all have a sparkly day.

Tell me, are you a clip-on fan or not?

Chanelle Necklace & Tri-Wrap Bracelet (video)

SO excited !!!  Got my new Tri-Wrap Bracelet today ! It's wonderful. It's beautiful. It's fabulous.  I'll keep my babbling to a minimum since there's a video today.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (16) copy

Easily going to be one of my favorite bracelets. Going to go with so many different outfits. So comfortable to wear.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (14) copy

In the video, I am talking about the many different ways you can wear our Chanelle Necklaces. One of our best sellers and you'll see why.

These can be worn as 3 separate bracelets or link them together and wrap it around 3 times as I have done here.

Tri Wrap Bracelet - Grey (3) copy

Coming in 4 fabulous colors !!!!  I definitely need them all.


If you would like to browse further, you may do so at my Touchstone Site.
Any questions, as always, I'd be happy to answer. 
Want some of this beautiful jewelry free or deeply discounted, As Me How. 

Have you heard of Touchstone Crystal before?

Have you heard of Swarovski before?

Do you have any Touchstone jewelry?

If so, what is your favorite piece?


Tuesday, February 13, 2018


One message, short and sweet.

"Hey winter, you can kiss our a@@".  

Other than 1 day of sledding, we are NOT enjoying all the snow we got this past week. 

Winter Kiss Ass

Looking forward to a little warm up with no snow this week. 

Going to close my eyes and click my heels 3 times and maybe I'll end up down south, on a beach, with my toes in the sand, or walking along the ocean, enjoying a beachy drink with an umbrella in it. 

Otherwise, I'll see ya tomorrow......

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dawn & Tide Slime Videos

More slime today. Ashlyn made a couple more videos. She was so nervous on the first one and talked very little and very quietly. She let me help with these two and it got her talking a little more. She'll be a pro before we know it.

Dawn Clear Glue Slime (6) copy

These two are very easy ones. Great for beginners. Great for making big batches to make those large bubbles like in the Slime Bubble post.

Tide Glitter Glue Slime (17) copy

You can view all of our videos as well as these two on our youtube channel.
Everyday Snapshot YouTube

I know sometimes our audio sucks. I'm supposed to be getting a small mic to help that out soon. Her and I both have quiet voices, so if we talk loud enough for the mic to hear us, we feel like we're shouting. In these 2 slime videos it's not bad since the camcorder was pretty close to us. But rest assured, our low volume videos should be rectified soon. I hope. 

Are your kids loving anything slime right now?

Do they have any great recipes to share with us?

Friday, February 9, 2018

Slime Bubbles !!!

We are sort of into slime around here. Big time. She started out flipping it around making little tiny bubbles. Now...they are taking over our kitchen !!

World's largest Slime Bubbles !

Slime Bubble 1

We weren't sure which bubble was bigger, so felt the need to post both.

Slime Bubble 2

She's got a couple more you tube videos about ready. We'll share soon.

How many slime makers we got out there?

Do you make bubbles with it?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Where's Spencer & Toby?

So we went into Ashlyn's room to get something and I said "I'm surprised Spencer isn't in here" ?   Ashlyn says, "I know he usually is at bedtime".  

We leave the room, she backs up and turns the light back on and says, "Wait a minute, he IS in here". Reminds us of the Where's Waldo picture's.

Where's Spencer

He blended right in. He sure found a snuggly spot though. 

This is an older but similar one with Toby and her dolls. 
Toby with Dolls

Got any silly picture's with your dogs and kids toys?

Friday, January 26, 2018

Dixie Cup Flower Bouquet

I'm always amazed at what that kid of mine can just whip up. She decided to make 2 of her teachers something.

Dixie Cup Flower Bouquet 1

She gathers up Dixie cups and scissors and asks for the hot glue gun.

Dixie Cup Flower Bouquet 2

This is what she has in about 10 minutes. No youtube or pinterest. Geez. She's good !

Dixie Cup Flower Bouquet 3

The teachers loved them by the way. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Facebook Links - Sparkle Mug

I hope you are all having a fantastic day. I am just popping on here real quick to let you all know about my current business facebook pages. One has been there awhile, and one is a newer one.

Sparkle Coffee Cup

My Facebook Business "Page" is public and is called Everyday Snapshot of Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski. A mouthful I know! 

My Facebook Business VIP "Group" is a Closed Group specifically for Customer's and Host's. It's called Everyday Snapshot VIP Group

Links for Pinterest, YouTube and Flickr can all be found in the upper right hand side of the blog. My name for everything is Everyday Snapshot if you search for it.

Thanks and I hope you all enjoy your week.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Goodr Running Sunglasses - Review

I’ve been wearing goodr Running Sunglasses for several weeks now while jogging and for everyday wear. I have not been disappointed !  Let’s jump right in.

Goodr Sunglasses 1

I always like to go over what the company says about them first. A few of the main points:
  • No slip.
  • No bounce.
  • All polarized. (reduce glare)
  • UV protection. UV400 protection. Blocks 100% of UVA & UVB rays.
  • Affordable. (I love this part)
  • Stylish. (they definitely are)
They came in a nice box and soft sleeve. My first impression was they are very cool looking. Which is good, I need all the help I can get in the looking cool department.

Goodr Sunglasses 2

Fit & Feel
I went with the Mick & Keith’s Midnight Ramble, black frames with blue lens’s. Although they are only slightly snug, they are not “tight”. They don’t hurt your head or ears, which happens A LOT in my experience. They have a slight coating of something on them, which helps when you are sweating so they don't slip around. I wore them for hours at a time for about a month and they did not hurt anywhere, still quite comfy. Many shades I want to take off after an hour or so. These are extremely light weight. You almost don't even notice them on your face. Overall, they felt really good for a long time and are incredibly comfortable.

Goodr Sunglasses 4

I do like the the arms on them too. It’s not real thick. I really dislike those really thick/wide ones, feels like horse blinders. If you are driving, riding your bike or walking/running, last thing you want is to not see a car or something coming from a wide arm. I was pleased that the peripheral vision was not blocked. 

Slide up on Head
They passed my ‘slide em up on your head’ test. I do this frequently, and need them to not fall off my head, as well as not get caught in my hair and rip pieces of hair out. This is a common problem that drives me crazy. They stayed on top of my head, even if I bent over to tie my shoe, or was inside doing something....then they pushed right back down on my face. Did not get caught in my hair. Pushed up and down with no fuss. This is a big deal to me. Real big deal.

Goodr Sunglasses 10

Let's take a moment to admire that beautiful blue/purple color in the lens. I LOVE the color. Let's NOT take such a close look at that gray hair though !!!!

Goodr Sunglasses 11

Running - Sweating - Sports Activities
Obviously when it’s –10 degrees I don’t run outside and I don’t sweat, so I wore them inside to get a good sweat going. They didn’t bounce around on my face. They didn't slip. They didn't slide. I didn't have to mess with them or push them up or fix them. At all actually. I expected them to a little bit. But Nada !! We played volleyball in the driveway with no slippage or bouncing there either.

Goodr Sunglasses 5

Even in a head stand !! They only slid down...or up...or towards the floor only by millimeters. Ashlyn had to try it too. She's even got a kid size head.

Goodr Sunglasses 8 Goodr Sunglasses 9

I love that everything looks brighter & clear through these. Nothing yanks my chain more than having everything look so dark, and you basically have to keep taking them off to see things.  Sometimes you can't even see your phone, radio, paper or whatever. You have to take them off every time just to see something. Not these suckers. You can still see screens/words when you need to. I liked this a lot about them.

As far as blocking the sun, I thought they were very sufficient. I mean if you look directly at the sun, yes you will feel the strength of the sun. I've had some mornings where the sun is so bright, there's no pair of sunglasses in the world going to block that kind of brightness completely.

I wore them on plenty of sunny days when the sun was reflecting off the snow pretty good while driving and jogging, and I was quite happy with the sunglasses performance. Usually in too bright of situations, I'll get those "bright sun tears" and I didn't have any issues with that.

Goodr Sunglasses 7

Color - Style - Price
The color options available are awesome. You'll have to go to their website and check them out. And as of writing this post today, they are $25.00. That is so extremely affordable for a great pair of running sunglasses !  I'm sure those pricey ones are great too, but I refuse to pay $100+ for them. No freakin way ! These are worth every cent.They also have a few tanks, hats and headbands.

When I saw picture’s of these shades on people, I expected them to be a little bit big looking on my face. Only because many sunglasses are. In my opinion, I don’t think they are big looking. I think they look good on my face size wise, they certainly feel good size wise.

Goodr Sunglasses 6

These also have a scratch resistant layer on the lens. But I am NOT testing that out!! I love these too much. You can scratch yours if you want, but I'm not.

Let's look at that lens color again. LOVE it !!!

Goodr Sunglasses 3

Everyday Shades
These are also just an awesome pair for everyday. Even though they are excellent for running and sports activities, I love them all the time ! I think I do need a 2nd pair though. Nice to have one in the car all the time so you always have them handy. Hmmm, what color will be next.

Goodr Sunglasses 12

Customer Service
What a cool laid back company from what I gather. The customer service person that I dealt with was awesome. So friendly, informative and just a down right great person to deal with. You just don’t get good service anymore these days, but this company was fantastic ! That is hugely appreciated and means a lot these days.

These really are goodr !!!!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dogness Double Handle Dog Leash - Review

I recently got a Dogness Double Handle Dog Leash. Have you ever tried one of these? Let me tell you about it. It's wonderful !!

Key Points:
  • 2 Handles. Primary handle for casual walks, and the traffic control handle for crowded areas or training. Both handles and the whole leash is soft padded. 
  • Reflective piping on edges of leash for early morning or late night walk. It's very reflective !!
  • A swivel no tangle lock/hook. Extra sturdy !
  • Durable & strong, it's thicker than most leashes. Ultra strong reinforced with two layers of quality nylon and neoprene. 
  • Metal D ring for accessories. (I folded and put the poop bags through that so I don't forget them).  
  • Lifetime Warranty

Dogness Leash (1)

I chose the Medium since it's the size for both my dogs. This leash is made of such good quality and very heavy duty. Yet it's also very light and flexible. I do not like those stiff heavy leashes especially for my smaller dogs. The medium is 5' in length and .8" in width.

Dogness Leash (2)

The soft padding is just enough to make it quite comfortable to hold. Nothing hurts or rubs your hands. The whole leash is very flexible.

Dogness Leash (3)

Padding is through the 2 handles and along the whole leash.

Dogness Leash (4)

This hook is fantastic !!!!  Finally someone who has thought of a way around those darn snap hooks. Every leash I've owned in the past uses a snap hook. Every tie out I've owned uses a snap hook. I have always had the button part break off those eventually. This metal locking carabiner is genius. GENIUS !! It's strong. It's sturdy. It swivels. It's easy to hook and unhook.

Dogness Leash (5)

This is the problem I have with snap hooks. The arrow points to where the push part was. That little knob for your thumb always breaks off at some point. So I buy a double snap hook. Until it breaks, then I add another snap hook.

Dogness Leash (6)

I had never used a double handled leash before. I usually just wrap the leash around my hand midway down on the leash. Probably not the smartest thing to do but it worked. This handle was very convenient and did what it was intended for. Keeping your dog close in crowded places, if you want to make sure they stay by your side for close supervision, or if you are simply training your dog to walk nicely by your side.

Dogness Leash (7)

Normally I walk with lose comfortable arms, but I held out the leash in all the picture's just so that you were able to see it better than if I were to let it drop to my side.

Dogness Leash (8)

Toby typically walks quite nice for me. Except for when we meet other dogs on our walks. We didn't meet any on this walk, but this control handle will absolutely be fantastic for when we do. We just didn't have much traffic or other walkers in our cold temps.

Dogness Leash (9)

Very nice to just simply keep them at your side. So much better than wrapping the leash around my hand. I can imagine this extra loop will be great in the park this summer when crowds of people, kids and pets are around. I also like it just to be certain they'll stay by my side when a car passes.

Dogness Leash (10)

From the hook where the material starts, it's 15" to the top of the control handle.

Dogness Leash (11)

My other dog Spencer wanted some of the testing action as well. Let's discuss unruly walkers. Spencer is always SO excited to go for a walk, that the first few blocks are spent getting his excitement out. After that he walks just fine. Today was pretty cold though and I didn't want him out too long, so you get to see his wild side. I was thrilled to be holding this handle instead of having the leash wrapped around my hand squeezing it until he gets the ants out of his pants.

Dogness Leash (12)

He weaves in and out, pulls, jumps, hops like a rabbit.....the cold temps apparently are not bothering him. A walk is totally worth it !!  He's such a punk.

Dogness Leash (13)

If you are not using the control handle, you can just slide the little metal thing down to hold it. That way the handle isn't flopping around. Not that it's a big deal, but it's just a nice little feature.

Dogness Leash (14)

I can't even begin to tell you how reflective this is. It was really difficult to get a photo in the dark, with a car coming, showing the reflective piping and have the photo turn out. Trust me, people will see you !  It's really bright.

Dogness Leash (15)

Let's talk about this Lifetime Warranty. They say, "Our products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, INCLUDING accidental chewing by your dog!"
I mean seriously, who offers that kind of warranty. I thought that was unheard of. 

It comes in several very cool colors. The price point is very affordable given the excellent quality. Check them out on Amazon, they also offer collars and harness's with the same great quality and workmanship.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Our Bunny

All this past summer we had the same small tiny bunny hide out in our grass in the middle of the front yard. Almost every day. He (or she) got so he wouldn't even run away when we would come or go but he would with visitors. 

As he got bigger he moved over to our tall(ish) landscaping grasses. He smooshed out a little round spot in the mulch and would crouch down in there.  

Now, I wasn't always nice. I was cursing the little shit when he ate the flowers and other plants. But he's so cute, I forgave him. And the Blood Meal that my neighbor suggested worked as well to deter him from eating the plants. 


It still appeared to be the same little guy hanging around for almost a year. He's grown and much bigger but will come out and sit about 5 feet from and just hang out. He stays around even when we do stuff outside. Still bolts when visitors come. 

During our last frigid weather, with snow, ice and extremely cold temps, he dug himself a little hole in the snow and hunkered down.


The way he's hanging around for what will be a year in the spring, I feel like we should name him. Or her. Any suggestions?  


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Silicone Baking Mat - Review

This post may contain affiliate links where I may make a very small profit at no additional cost to you.

When I first saw these, I had my doubts. Just didn’t think they would do what they claim. Let’s cover the mat stats first.
  • Eco-friendly, naturally non-stick, reusable – can be used for any baking recipe. No need for oiling or buttering your pan, no need for parchment paper.
  • Made of premium quality non-toxic materials. BPA free & FDA approved.
  • Can be used at temps ranging from –40F to 482F.
  • It’s made of fiberglass & silicone and can be reused thousands of times. (do not cut on it)
  • Dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven-safe.
  • Can also be used for rolling out pastry dough.
  • Mat thickness is 0.75 mm.
  • Easy to clean. Wipe with hot soapy water, lay flat or hang to dry.
silicone baking mat (1)  


The size they state is right on. They state the large mat is 16.4” x 11.6” and it fit my 16.5” x 12” pan perfectly. Like a glove. The small mat is listed at 8.64 x 11.5”. Again, fit perfect.

silicone baking mat (2)

silicone baking mat (4)

silicone baking mat (3)


I’ll be honest, cookies & bread was a big concern. I didn’t have faith in the mats. Not at all. Did they bake well? Did they brown nicely?  Oh hell yes they did !!!! 

I found that I still used the same baking time that I did without the mats. So length of time was not affected. 

Cookies (1)

You could even pick them right up off the mat once they cooled enough to touch.

Cookies (2)

From cookies, to breads, to fish, to has baked wonderfully. Very pleased with all of the outcomes. I was worried things wouldn't brown up on these mats, but it absolutely does.

I made these Garlic Cheddar biscuits with cookies before that, fish after, more bread, then chicken. There have been no flavor transfers.

garlic cheddar biscuits (1)


This is absolutely true. I’ve cooked various things to put it through the test. I haven’t had anything stick. I purposely made sure shredded cheese got spilled over and burnt on there….and it came right off. The little pizza’s, chicken, fish and cookies I baked…..nothing stuck, not even a little.

eng muf pizzas (1)

The cheese did burn on like I was hoping it would.

eng muf pizzas (2)


Clean up could not be easier. Burnt chunks fall right off. Mat washes off so easily. Clean up has been a breeze.

eng muf pizzas (4)

You could literally shake most of it to the middle.

eng muf pizzas (5)


These are still fairly new to me, so I cannot say how they hold up long term yet. As far as my opinion for as long as I have used them, the mat does exactly everything it’s claims too. Baking has been less messy. Clean up has been a breeze. The food bakes really well, and the messy spill over's just peel right off. I haven't had to scrub a pan since getting these. I think they've been excellent and I won't be able to live without them from now on out.

Have you ever used a silicone baking mat?

Baking anything good today?

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