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If you are interested in trying out essential oils but have been reluctant because of all the confusing information out should give the basics a try. They don't have to be complex and overwhelming. You can accomplish a lot with just the basics, that's what I do. 
  • I am not a doctor or a health professional in any way.
  • Do your own research. Especially when ingesting or using on young children.
  • Not all brands are treated equally. Do your own research on brand and quality of oils. 
  • Perfume oils are not the same as essential oils and will not have therapeutic benefits. 
  • Cheaper low grade oils may be diluted and will not offer much benefit. 
  • You may spend a bit more to get high quality but most of the time you are using only 1 drop.   
  • This site just simply shares information on my own personal usage and experience.

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How To Use:

Topical: Some oils can be applied to the skin neat (without dilution) or with a carrier oil (coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, or similar oils). Apply to the skin, either on a particular spot that is in need of attention, or when in doubt, I always apply to the bottoms of the feet where they are easily absorbed.

Aromatic: Means you are breathing in the aroma of the oil. You can do this by using a diffuser, or putting a few drops on your hands, cupping and inhaling. Or inhaling right from the bottle as well. I have read Aromatic is one of the best ways to use them.

Ingest: Some oils may be used internally, either by putting a few drops in water, adding them to foods, or putting them in a veggie capsule for internal consumption. Only oils with dietary/food labels should be considered this way. Read the labels, they will tell you whether that particular oil is safe for internal use.

Good Starter Oils (these are the ones I use most)

Few More Good Ones to Have If You Can

Germs / Cold / Boost Immunity

Reference Guides / Books
These books will tell you about each oil and how to use for specific ailments. 

There really are a lot of oil options if you choose to go beyond the basics. Using not just for ailments but so much more. These oils are about the only thing under the sun that has even made a dent in helping my husbands bad allergies (over prescription and over the counter products as well). Glad I decided to give them a try even keeping it as simple as I do. 

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