Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish from regular polish has been one of the best moves I've made. (Huge thanks to the friend who bought me everything to get started). Two weeks of chip free nails is so nice, compared to two days of regular polish. I think the gel also acts as a thicker barrier which makes your nails stronger and less breakage. Of course, having them instantly dry when you are done is pretty nice too. The following is a list of items to get you started. Most of these basic items can be purchased anywhere.

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    *** There are so many base, top and color brands to choose from, my favorites are OPI, Gelish, CND, Perfect Match. So many other great brands too.


  • Nail Color Display  This is nice to do with every color you have. You'll always know what the color looked like and the brand and name of the polish. I print the brand and color name on a label and stick it right on the stick. 

There are some great How To videos on You Tube to show you how to apply from start to finish. After a couple times, it's a breeze. This is a quick gist of basically how it's done.

nails how to
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  1. and getting you addicted to having all the pretty

    1. No kidding !! Let's save that little addiction secret for everyone as a fun surprise.

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