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Shaklee is the #1 nutrition company in the U.S. and was founded in 1956. I wish I'd have discovered them earlier, because boy was I missing out ! But it's never too late to start a working on your health. 

Shaklee provides the best nutrition in every area that matters. Shaklee gives you what you need to create healthier lives for you and your family.

Healthy Foundations
Essential vitamins, minerals & protein needed everyday. 
Build a lifetime of better health with our family of Healthy Foundation products. Our products provide essential vitamins, protein and minerals, to give your body the nutritional foundation it needs. Shaklee guarantee's you'll feel better in 30 days - or your money back. 

Healthy Solutions
Address your most important health concerns. 
Address areas of concern - including joint health, memory and more - that develop with aging with our family of Healthy Solutions products.

Healthy Weight
Designed to burn fat, not muscle.
Shaklee 180 is clinically tested products and a program that helps you lose the weight and learn how to keep it off. Powered by Leucine to help you retain muscle and lose fat.

Healthy Beauty
Nourish your skin and hair. 
Nourish healthy skin with safe and effective formulas that help cleanse, repair, neutralize, and protect. Skin and hair care from a company that knows nutrition, inside and out.

Healthy Home
Clean and green products. 
Home should be the safest place on earth. Clean it up with products that are safe, powerful and green.

Shoot me an email to learn more about the wonderful products Shaklee has to offer.

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Health is a Choice - You Decide
Ways to Participate:   Use - Share - Build 

There are several different ways for you to enjoy the benefits of the #1 Nutritional Company. You can be a simple consumer of their products or choose to create your own home office and become a Business builder. You make the decision on what level you would like to participate.

There is no pressure or obligation to do more than you want to do. No monthly requirements or automatic sales of products you don’t want. You are in charge of your own purchasing.There are benefits to each level depending on your goals. And you can always upgrade from one level up to another if your situation changes and you want to do more.

When you're ready to start The Shaklee Effect™ in your life, choose the way to participate that fits best with what's most important to you today. Use, Share or Build. You decide if you want to use the products, become a distributor who shares with others or build a business with your own team.

Contact me for more information. chot (@) everydaysnapshot (dot) com

"The medical field is interested in treating disease. I'm interested in building health." - Dr. Shaklee

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Shaklee Get Clean Uses (how to use them) 
Shaklee Get Clean Examples (personal before & afters)

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